Elizabeth Hurley dismisses 'fuss' surrounding intimate movie scene directed by son Damian

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4 Apr 2024, 16:01

Credit: 101 Digital and Getty

The British star, Elizabeth Hurley speaks out as her son, Damian, shares insights into their collaborative filmmaking experience.

Elizabeth Hurley, the ageless icon of British cinema, has finally addressed the whirlwind of chatter surrounding the intimate scene directed by her son, Damian, in their upcoming thriller Strictly Confidential.

While the media buzzes with curiosity, the dynamic duo remains unfazed by the commotion, brushing off the sensationalism with their signature wit and charm.

In response to the flurry of attention, Hurley, 58, offered a nonchalant perspective, stating: “People are making a lot of fuss.”

The Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery star told People: “I think there's a lot of factors making it a particularly interesting scene for people.”

With a twinkle in her eye, she acknowledged the intrigue surrounding the scene, highlighting the unique blend of factors contributing to its allure.

From the notable 30-year age gap between herself and co-star Pear Chiravara to her own venture into uncharted territory, the scene promises to be a captivating moment on screen.

Despite the raised eyebrows and speculative whispers, Hurley maintains a cool demeanor, assuring fans that the scene is tastefully executed, devoid of any gratuitous nudity or exploitation.

“We all felt comfortable doing it,” she reassures, emphasising the professionalism and mutual respect on set.

Meanwhile, Damian, the mastermind behind the camera, offers his candid perspective on the unconventional filmmaking experience.

In a recent interview, the 22-year-old director divulged that directing his mother's intimate scenes felt surprisingly natural, a sentiment echoed by his peers in the industry.

With an upbringing steeped in the world of entertainment, the boundaries between familial dynamics and professional collaboration blur seamlessly for the Hurley-Bing duo.

Addressing their unconventional family dynamic, Damian shares insights into his close relationship with his mother, likening her to a sibling rather than a parental figure.

He told The Sunday Times: “I hate to say that it felt totally normal. I don’t know what that says about us. I was speaking to a lot of my friends who are also second generation of parents in the industry.

“They say exactly the same thing: that things to outsiders that may seem totally strange and extraordinary, for us we’ll just have grown up with in everyday life.”

From early lessons on sex to their shared foray into the business of bikini photography, the Hurley-Bing household thrives on creativity and collaboration.

As they grace the black carpet together at the film's premiere, accompanied by Hurley's ex-husband Arun Nayar, the trio exudes an air of effortless sophistication and familial camaraderie.

With Damian making his directorial debut, Strictly Confidential marks the culmination of their shared passion for storytelling and cinematic artistry.

While the media may continue to speculate and sensationalise, Elizabeth Hurley and her son Damian remain steadfast in their creative vision, undeterred by the noise of public scrutiny.

As they navigate the glamorous world of Hollywood with grace and humour, the dynamic duo continues to captivate audiences both on and off screen, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of contemporary cinema.