Stacey Solomon to front new Channel 4 DIY show as latest Sort Your Life Out series ends emotionally

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3 Apr 2024, 08:25

Credit: Getty / BBC

Series four of Sort Your Life Out might have come to a tear-jerking end last night, but the good news is that Stacey Solomon will be back on our screens very soon. 

While we await a fifth series of Sort Your Life Out on the BBC, a brand new series called Stacey Solomon's Renovation Rescue is coming to Channel 4. It will see the beloved presenter come to the aid of homeowners who have been left high and dry and out of pocket by their builders, who’ve abandoned projects and thrown lives into disarray. 

Stacey will share her trademark enthusiasm for DIY as well as some money-saving design tips in order to help families rescue their unfinished homes without destroying their bank balances.

The new show - which premieres on 10th April - comes from Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine. In a statement, Stacey said: “From an early age, my dad taught me DIY and the importance of fixing things yourself where you can. I still find it so satisfying to build or repair around the house and it saves loads of money.”

The new show follows the recent series finale of Stacey’s award-winning BBC One show, Sort Your Life out. Last night’s episode featured a mum's heartbreaking story which led to Stacey changing her mind about throwing away a toy.

The final episode of the series saw the team visit the home of Shirley and Martin, where they brought up their adopted daughters, Sarah and Katherine.

Mum-of-two Shirley admitted that she found it hard to throw her daughters' things away because there was a time she thought she'd never have children. When Stacey suggested getting rid of a one-eyed bear, Shirley broke down, saying: “When I was a child I used to hold her like a real baby and say to her things I never got told by my mother, which was 'I will always look after you for the rest of my life,' and that's why she's with me." 

Despite saying goodbye to the doll, Shirley was later reunited with it, as Stacey and the team arranged for it to have a makeover.

During the episode, home organising expert Dilly shared her story about how she was adopted. “I know, for me, when I had my own child, Nellie, she was my first bloodline. You think ‘You are the only person I'm related to. I've got no one else in this country, no one else in my life.'”

She added: “I can't have anymore children. So now I'm hopefully going to go full circle and adopt, myself.”

Watch Sort Your Life Out on BBC iPlayer.

Stacey Solomon’s Renovation Rescue starts on Wednesday 10th April at 9pm on Channel 4.