Anna Richardson gives update on Naked Attraction stage show - 'We're actively looking'

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3 Apr 2024, 08:26

Anna Richardson

Credit: Getty / Channel 4

Anna Richardson has confirmed plans for a Naked Attraction stage show, and she’s on the look-out for keen people wanting to take part.

The presenter has told that the raunchy Channel 4 series is looking for a home on the West End, and will hopefully have some singing and dancing elements to get people up on their feet. 

Naked Attraction continues tonight (3rd April), and fans tune in as those famous pods rise and naked singletons hope to find a match.

On her dreams of a stage show, Anna explained to us: “I'm going to put it out there: we are actively looking for producers or promoters who can see the vision of putting this on stage.

“We've had tentative conversations, but I kind of want that person with the vision that can see it as well to go ‘yeah this could be a musical’ or ‘this could be Naked Attraction Live in the West End?’ Why not?”

While the idea is still in its infancy, Anna believes the Naked Attraction show could be a “stand out success.”

Going into the details of what the risqué series could look like once translated to the theatre, Anna continued: “I think there would have to be different elements to it because you'd have to make it interactive for the audience. 

“Somebody spoke to me recently about doing it as a Naked Attraction: The Musical. That could be highly entertaining. So I'm very open, and my ambition is that it should be and deserves to be a very funny live show that I think could be a bit of a hit in the West End.”

Anna previously shared with that series 12 of Naked Attraction has “bigger personalities, bigger appendages, and bigger dates”, and she’s excited to show audiences more. 

“I want it literally to be like the Kirstie and Phil of nakedness,” the podcaster revealed, referring to property experts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer. “I want it to never end, but having said that, nothing really shocks me anymore. I think I've pretty much seen and heard everything.”

Naked Attraction continues Wednesday nights on Channel 4 at 10pm. All series of Naked Attraction are available to stream on Channel 4.