Bridgerton star Nicola Coughlan reveals filming season 3 was 'terrifying'

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2 Apr 2024, 14:08

(L-R) Nicola Coughlan, Nicola as Penelope in Bridgerton

Pic: Getty and Netflix

Bridgerton fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the third season, and the leading lady for this series has said it was scary to do.

Nicola Coughlan takes the spotlight this time once more as Penelope Featherington, and the show focuses on her love for Colin Bridgerton.

Nicola told Tyla that she's "really excited" for the next instalment, but spoke of the fear involved at being the centre of attention.

She said: "I feel like I've been waiting forever. And I feel like the fans of the show have been waiting forever."

Nicola dubbed the new series as "the most romantic" with her very own "rom-com moments".

"We'd have moments on set where the crew would be like, ‘Oh, that's really beautiful. And that's the kind of love everyone deserves'," she said, "And when the crew say, you know, they're not, like BS-ing you. Like, they actually mean it.

"And then when they react, you're like: 'Oh, okay, I think we're onto something'."

According to the Penelope actress, the new epiodes are "really funny" and "very action-packed".

She also teased that there's a "cliffhanger midway" too.

"So, there's two parts, and I'm very excited" but said getting "to do the romance" "which she said "was terrifying" at first.

She got used to it though and said she "loved it" and had an amazing time.

Nicola also feels like her character is relatable for many people: "I think she's someone who feels invisible and I think anyone that's ever felt like that is going to really connect to the story."

She told This Morning about her nerves filming some of the racy scenes: "It is really nerve-wracking but thankfully I have known Luke for four years and he is a super nice guy. It does make it worse at the beginning but better in reality because we could kind of have a laugh with it and it was kinda liberating and quite fun to do which I wouldn't of thought before.

"We had an amazing intimacy coordinator Lizzy Talbot and we had a lot to say in what we wanted to do which was great because we really felt like we were in control."

Fans will have to be patient as series three will be split into two four-episode parts.

Part One begins on May 16 2024, followed by Part Two on June 13.

Who will be eagerly waiting to find out what that cliff-hanger is?