Coma episode 2 recap: Will neighbour Harry reveal Simon’s secret

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20 Mar 2024, 09:43

Jason Watkins in Coma.

Credit: Channel 5

Channel 5 drama Coma ramped up the tension with its second episode, as Jason Watkins’ character continued to get himself in a bigger and bigger mess.

The second instalment followed the set up in episode one, which saw family man Simon (Watkins) punch a troublesome and very unpleasant teen on his doorstep, putting him in a coma, and then attempt to lie his way out of it.

Episode two sees doctors attempt to save 17-year-old Jordan Franklin (played by Joe Barber) as he flatlines. Meanwhile, an estate agent puts a for-sale sign up at the house of Simon and his wife Beth (played by Outnumbered’s Claire Skinner).

Beth confronts Simon about lying to the police about why he was at the hospital, and he makes up a story. Their conversation reveals that he has had a breakdown in the past and was on medication. 

Simon’s day then gets instantly worse as Jordan’s dangerous and unhinged dad Paul (Jonas Armstrong) is waiting for him outside his house. He tells him that Jordan's heart stopped but he has been stabilised. He asks Simon to come along to a vigil.

Soon to be redundant Simon has his last day at work and then goes to the police station so that DS Kelly (Kayla Meikle) can go through his statement and show him some mugshots. Simon says he doesn't recognise any of them, which was always going to be the case unless they showed him a mirror! She also asks him not to go to the vigil.

Later, neighbour Harry (After Life star David Bradley) tells Simon “I saw what you did”. However, when Kelly questions him, he tells her that it was a teenager who punched Jordan.

Once the DS leaves, Harry tells Simon that he covered for him because he and Beth were always good to his late wife, Brenda. 

Simon and Beth do end up going to the vigil, and Simon gets a clap from attendees, but this annoys a confused and agitated Harry, who says it’s not right that they're clapping for Simon. Beth ushers their neighbour back inside.

Boss Jimmy (played by David Mumeni) gives a very snidey speech at Simon’s leaving drinks, causing the latter to confront him in the loos. However, Simon then has a panic attack in the street and ends up in the hospital.

Back at home, Paul visits late at night and tells Simon that a workmate will be able to see the CCTV footage (that Simon lied about) if he gives him his password. Simon obviously panics and pretends he can't recall the password. Paul finds that a bit suss and begins to turn on Simon, before Beth asks him to leave. 

Simon finally admits the truth to Beth, and she says they will work out a plan. The next day, Simon goes to the hospital and, rather surprisingly, gives Paul the CCTV login details (is this part of the plan?). 

Meanwhile, Kelly visits Harry again and shows the mugshots. He picks one at random. Back at the station, she discovers the call to police that Simon made the night before the incident. This illustrates that he had previously had issues with the local gang and that he knew of Jordan.

Back at the hospital, Jordan starts to come round, leaving Simon terrified that he will remember what happened.

Coma continues with episode three at 9pm on 20th March on Channel 5 and My5.