Watch as BBC News host Maryam Moshiriher challenges Uri Geller to spoon bending and BREAKS it

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28 Feb 2024, 16:00

Watch as BBC News host Maryam Moshiriher challenges Uri Geller and BREAKS the spoon

Credit: BBC

Spoon-bending pioneer Uri Geller has taken on the skills of BBC presenter Maryam Moshiri after she went viral following a segment where a man disfigured a frying pan - and it led on to her displaying her own skills on some BBC canteen cutlery.

Maryam, who previously wowed audiences with her super moon demonstration and accidental middle finger-giving, impressed viewers with her strength following a news report about England’s strongest man taking on a frying pan with his bare hands. 

Viewers watched in awe as The World Today presenter showed off her own cutlery-bending powers and bent a BBC canteen spoon after the interview with the BBC Radio Oxford guest.

Maryam Moshiriher challenges Uri Geller

Credit: X

Cue the original spoon-bender, Uri Geller, who appeared on her show to demonstrate how it's done - but Maryam went one step further and broke the spoon.

Social media erupted while watching her superhuman skills. One user wrote: "@BBCMaryam bend her spoon, but BROKE The spoon! Watch this amazing moment here."

Credit: X

The host wrote on X: "The spoon broke!!!"

She replied to Geller's post and assured him he is, in fact, the only legitimate spoon-bender around. She wrote: "Of course you are@theurigeller! I am but a mere pretender with strong hands."

Fans reacted: "Einstein did space bending, Maryam does spoon bending."

She replied: "Got to start somewhere? Physics not my subject tbh."

Maryam Moshiri

Credit: X

Spoon breaker Maryam Moshiri

Credit: X

Another user wrote: "Thank you for this segment today, @BBCMaryam. It actually made me laugh out loud!"

"Sad news to report that 1 spoon was hurt in this broadcast," joked a viewer.

Maryam responded: "I'll bring one from my house tomorrow to replace it, don’t worry!"