Death in Paradise: Watch EXCLUSIVE tense clip from series 13 episode 2

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9 Feb 2024, 16:56

Death in Paradise cast

Credit: BBC

Death in Paradise shocked viewers with its 100th episode's storyline last week.

Now, in the aftermath of the Commissioner’s shooting, episode two of the much-loved detective series sees DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) and his team return to mostly business as usual.

Serie 13 episode two will revolve around a murder in a care home, and as the below clip shared exclusively with shows, tensions are running high amongst some of the home's residents ahead of the suspicious death.

As the show’s synopsis explains: “The local community is rocked by a murder at a care home when a game of bingo gets horribly out of hand. But could someone really kill over something as trivial as that?”

It also teases: “As the case takes on a series of jaw-dropping twists and turns, Neville and the team realise that this case is so much more than it first appeared on the surface.”

In addition, Death in Paradise series 13’s second episode will pick up with the Commissioner’s continued storyline in the aftermath of his shooting. “As the team rally round him, will he be able to bury his demons and move on?” the show synopsis questions.

Speaking with and other press ahead of the launch of series 13, Ralf Little gushed about being able to star in this episode alongside “living legend” Hayley Mills.

“You know, I still can't believe that. I was in an episode with Hayley Mills, it still astonishes me, an absolute living legend. She was absolutely glorious!" he shared sweetly.

Other members of this Sunday (11th February)’s cast are Juliet Cowan, Ellie Haddington, and Kevin Harvey. Plus, Genesis Lynea returns to the cast to play Commissioner Patterson’s daughter Andrina Harper.

Death in Paradise continues on BBC One and BBC iPlayer this Sunday (11th February) from 9pm.