Eddy's Good News: The power of tomato juice and a miracle for Tyson the puppy

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9 Feb 2024, 14:05

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Friday 9th February 2024

Credit: Getty

Scientists have previously shown that tomato juice kills a particular bacteria responsible for Typhoid fever, a debilitating tropical disease, but now they’ve gone further, in finding it kills salmonella too!

Salmonella Typhi is a human-specific pathogen often transmitted in food that not only causes all the symptoms of food poisoning but the potentially deadly Typhoid fever, which even after decades of medical advancement is still a major worldwide public health concern. The team behind the discovery—from Cornell University, New York, set out to discover which antimicrobial peptides in tomato juice made it so effective against Salmonella and have found it to be something of a medical super food. They also looked at salmonella related recalls of products over the past 7 years and they couldn’t find a single one that involves tomatoes or tomato juice!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Tyson the bulldog - Melissa Forsythe

You know I love a news pupdate, and this will be appreciated by Bruno, hera and all the other canines that listen to this show!

A puppy’s jaw spontaneously regrew after veterinarians removed a majority of his lower left mandible due to cancer. Although this phenomenon has been documented in human children, this is the first reported case of its kind for dogs of any age or breed.

Tyson, is a 3-month-old French bulldog pup, was originally scheduled to see the doggy dentist for cleft palate surgery in the spring of 2023 when his vet noted a cancerous tumour on his jaw. They operated and had to remove the majority of his lower jaw and incredibly, Tyson just grew a new one! It practically functions just as well as the old one, it’s just missing some blood vessels, nerves, and of course teeth, but it’s all there and doctors are amazed. They think it’s because it was caught so early, either way it’s an unprecedented medical miracle and a pawsome one at that! Tyson recently graduated obedience class, passed his Canine Good Citizen test, and walked in a Christmas parade. What a little hero!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org