Jennifer Coolidge admits she is ‘jealous’ of The White Lotus season 3 cast

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9 Feb 2024, 10:54

Credit: Getty / HBO

Like the rest of us, Jennifer Coolidge, is “very sad” that her character won’t be in season three of hit show The White Lotus.

Her character, Tanya McQuoid, was in both previous seasons of the dark comedy-drama anthology television series but won’t be making a reappearance because (spoiler alert) she got herself in a right old pickle during season two and ended up falling off the side of a boat, hitting her head and falling into the sea. 

Speaking to Today, she admitted that she is still coming to terms with not being part of the new cast as they head off to Thailand to make season three.

“People are asking me if I’m in it. I can honestly say, to this moment, no one has even mentioned it to me,” she says. “I think I’m dead. I think I’m dead right now and may be dead forever.”

She continued: “I’m jealous of everyone that’s going,” she said. “I just want to stress, I’m not a good sport about it, but there’s nothing I can do. When they kill you, you have to accept it. Because it means they’re not calling for your costume sizes or anything,” 

The actor added: “It’s over! I have to get another thing. I have to make another thing happen, I guess. But am I sad? I just want to say in all honesty, I’m very sad I’m not in it.”

Saying that she “had a blast,” on The White Lotus, the American Pie star said that she thinks “there’s going to be all sorts of good stuff” in season three, and that creator Mike White is “going to slay with this one.”

She added: “I promise everyone it will be riveting, whatever he writes.”

The White Lotus seasons one and two are available on Sky Atlantic and NOW.