Kate Garraway admits to feeling 'numb' as she opens up about grieving husband Derek Draper

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9 Feb 2024, 09:53

Kate Garraway, Kate with husband Derek Draper

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Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway has candidly shared how she’s feeling as she continues to grieve for late husband Derek Draper. 

Next month marks the national Day of Reflection, and Kate was joined on the ITV breakfast show with Gavin and Stacey actor Larry Lamb and bereavement counsellor, Claire Collins this morning (9th February) to discuss the widespread collective grief of those lost to COVID-19. 

Kate’s husband Derek passed away in January aged 56 after an almost four-year-long battle with Covid. He had been living with complications due to coronavirus since March 2020, becoming one of the UK’s longest-suffering COVID patients after spending 13 months in hospital. 

Discussing the first stages of grief while on GMB, Kate admitted to feeling “very numb” as she continues life without Derek.

She shared: “We were talking around this time last year, about the day of reflection and the importance of it. And I mean, obviously, I'm in a different place to talk about it now. And I’m very aware of the sensation of grief, although also very aware that actually I'm only at the first stages and there's so many different stages of it all. 

“But particularly aware of how tough it was for those in Covid, who hadn’t got that wrap around, around them or the chance to have a funeral where they could hug loved ones and all of those things.”

She continued: “It's so important to have that chance and this moment.”

Actor Larry was on the sofa to chat about the loss of his brother, who died as a result of COVID-19. Being able to be by his brother’s bedside was “lovely” for the once-estranged siblings. 

He remarked: “It was extraordinary for me to be there with him. We'd had a terrible time beforehand. We had drifted apart but that got us back together. It was lovely. I was able to be there with him sitting in his bed. They even rigged up a bed in the corner of the room for me at the Marie Curie hospice and let me sleep in the room with him. We haven't slept in a room together for like 60 years.”

He added: “He looked at me and went [makes kissing sounds] and I said ‘What? You want me to give you a kiss?’ And we just became these two little boys. These monkey’s who used to play together and we had a kiss and yeah, it was lovely. The thing of all those people who missed the possibility of a moment like that, which is just like one of the most important memories of my life.”

Marie Curie’s Day of Reflection will take place on March 3rd 2024, marking four years after the start of Covid-19. 

Kate's candid conversation comes just a few days after she made her return to the Good Morning Britain sofa for the first time since Derek's funeral.

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