The Traitors' Ash reacts to THAT cliffhanger and opens up about her time as a traitor

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11 Jan 2024, 16:14

The Traitors' Ash

Credit: BBC

The Traitors star Ash has opened up about her experience during the latest shocking episodes of The Traitors.

Speaking exclusively to, the events coordinator turned reality TV star shared her thoughts on what it was like to be the first traitor to be successfully banished by the faithfuls.

“Halfway through that round table, I feel like I kind of came to peace with the fact I might very well be going [that night],” she admitted looking back on the dramatic series of events. 

“After being nominated in episode three, [that] kind of knocked me for six,” she said. “[But] when we came back up from the dungeon, there was this kind of feeling… that final evening, I was like ‘Okay, well if this is what’s going to be then this is what’s going to be,’ you know?”

On being the first traitor to be eliminated from the competition, Ash shared: “I mean, it has to happen at some time. I didn’t think it was going to happen so soon!” Ash also shared how she believes her internal monologue during the show was quite similar to that of the viewers at home. 

Referring to when Paul and Harry betrayed her during the second roundtable which led to Brian’s chaotic departure, she said: “I was thinking ‘How did that happen? What did they do? Like, how? Were they talking to each other? When did this all start?... All these questions that you’re probably asking as a viewer, I was asking as a traitor in my head!”

As was seen on the show, Ash was surprised by how difficult being a traitor in the castle proved to be. “I’m a fairly strong person, but oh man, that pressure around the roundtable, that’s another level,” she admitted honestly.

“Even that first night around the roundtable when we were being chosen and Claudia’s walking around, I’ve never felt so nervous ever in my entire life. I didn’t know I could feel that nervous!”

But despite the nerves and early banishment, the London-based star is still full of enthusiasm for her time on the show. “I mean, how lucky am I to get on in the first place?” she shared. “And you know, I made it past episode one and that’s the important thing.”

The Traitors airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 9pm.