Lee Mack provides update on the future of Not Going Out

Virgin Radio

12 Dec 2023, 11:31

Lee Mack poses on red carpet, the cast of Not Going Out hold a glittery gold 100

Fans have loved Lee Mack's Not Going Out, and the star has provided an update of what we can expect in future ahead of the 100th episode.

Speaking to virginradio.co.uk and other press, Lee Mack opened up about the popularity of the show in general and some potential plans: "I'm not sure about another 100, but discussions are ongoing now. We will be back with you shortly with some more information in one way or the other, we're talking about that."

He added: "I'd love to do more, I love doing it, it's great fun. I love the cast: most of them are here!"

Lee revealed that even though he loves doing the show, he stressed "it's not always my decision for these things. I just wait for someone to say 'There's a bag of money, get on with it'" he joked.

He also said he feels "protective" about British sitcoms in general.

"It's such a unique thing that I think is worth protecting" he insists, calling them "brilliant."

"I know a lot of people rave about American comedies, but almost all British sitcoms are my personal favourites," Lee insists.

"I grew up on Dad's Army, Rising Damp, The Young Ones, which was unbelievably revolutionary at the time, but that was a studio sitcom," Mack recalls.

"I just think it's important to keep it going. I think it's an importantly almost uniquely British thing. I know the Americans do it, but I think the way we do it is very uniquely British."

He hopes it won't end anytime soon: "I like the idea of trying to keep that going. I'm hoping it keeps going. I'm also very lucky that it's very unfashionable, because no one younger up and coming comic is trying to take my place which is very unfashionable," he jokes.

His role is safe.

Not Going Out's 100th episode will air on Christmas Eve at 10pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.