'I came out shaking' - Claudia Winkleman reveals series two of The Traitors is 'extremely tense'

Virgin Radio

12 Dec 2023, 09:19

Claudia Winkleman looks to the camera in front of two hooded figures

With the second series of The Traitors just weeks away, its host Claudia Winkleman has opened up about what we can expect from the return of the nail-biting psychological reality competition.

Just like last time, the second series of the hit BBC show will see 22 strangers head to the Scottish Highlands to play the ultimate game of backstabbing and trust, in the hope of winning up to £120,000.

Hidden amongst them are The Traitors, whose job is to secretly ‘murder’ players. The rest of the group, the Faithfuls, need to work out who the Traitors are, and banish them from the game.

Whichever Faithfuls are left standing at the end of the series take home an equal share of the prize fund, but if there is a Traitor amongst them, they’ll pocket all of the cash.

So far, so familiar, but the show’s host has revealed some changes ahead of series two. “I think I’m allowed to say the armoury has gone and now there’s a kitchen,” Claudia explained.

And as for the new batch of contestants? “They are all excellent. They come having seen the first series so are more quick to suspect but they all play a brilliant game. I wish I could say more but I’ll be fired,” she said.

Whilst saying that people come in with more strategies than last time round, and that they picked up some tips from last year’s show, the host said: “But the game itself is so strong that however prepared you think you are, you’re not.”

On the round-tables, whereby the team have to decide who they think is a Traitor, Claudia revealed that there is one particular episode where she "came out shaking" because of how “extremely tense” it gets. 

The competitors take on challenges to increase their prize fund, Claudia said: “The missions this year are epic. The producers are so clever as the missions are incredibly important as it is a chance for the contestants to switch off from strategising and plotting. They get fresh air, they run around, they work as a team. The scale this year is beyond.

The Traitors series two will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer from 9pm on Wednesday, 3rd January, 2024. Series one is available now on iPlayer.