Timothée Chalamet reveals which British accent he thinks is the sexiest

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8 Dec 2023, 09:56

Timothée Chalamet

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A-lister Timothée Chalamet has left fans in the UK stunned after revealing which accent he finds the most attractive. 

The actor is currently on the press tour for his latest flick, Wonka, in which he stars as the ingenious chocolate factory owner. The Roald Dahl adaptation is in cinemas now. 

While stopping off in the UK, Timothée was interviewed by LADBible alongside co-star Keegan-Michael Key, and while discussing the sexiest accents in the country, the bilingual star gave a rather unexpected answer. 

“I like the Hull accent,” Timothée confessed. “Hull is sexy."

He added: "I like Hull. Essex is in my top three, and I like a middle-aged Northern accent."

Yorkshire natives were clearly overjoyed with the approval of Hollywood’s current leading man, with one fan commenting: “YES THEN TIM ONE OF US LAD, THE UK'S SEXIEST ACCENT CONFIRMED.”

Another commented: “Go on lad!!! It's never dull in Ull!!”, while a third said: “Someone get this man a patty and a tub of chip spice immediately.”

Taskmaster star Lucy Beaumont who is from Hull said: "Keep this poor boy away from Hull, he'll be savaged...

Fans can check out Wonka from today, and Timothée recently confessed playing the beloved character hasn’t quite sunk in yet

When asked by FM104 about whether playing Willy Wonka feels at all real, Timothée simply responded: “No, not yet. We’ll see at the DVD release.”

Playing the charming chocolate factory owner is something of a different pace for the usually dramatic actor, but branching out is something he's keen to continue. 

On what he plans for next, the Bones and All star replied: “My dreams moving forward as an actor is to continue to work with directors I really admire, actors that I really admire. Keep working with people that I feel are really inspiring and never cut any corners.”

The film features a who's-who in its stellar ensemble cast, with Sally Hawkins, Olivia Colman as the formidable Mrs. Scrubbit, and Hugh Grant in the unexpected role of an Oompa Loompa

Tom Davis, Keegan-Michael Key, Paterson Joseph, Mathew Baynton, Rowan Atkinson and Jim Carter round out the stellar lineup.

Wonka is out in cinemas now.