The Long Shadow episode 3 recap: The case spreads to Bradford

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10 Oct 2023, 07:43

Credit: ITV

The ITV drama about the hunt for serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, known as The Yorkshire Ripper, continues to impress viewers.

The latest episode on Monday (9th October) followed on from last week’s 'harrowing' instalment, in which the body of Emily (Katherine Kelly) was found, there was an attempted murder of Marcella Claxton (Jasmine Lee-Jones) and the killing of another victim, Irene Richardson (Molly Vevers).

With viewers still reeling from the fact that, at the end of episode two, DCS Jim Hobson (Lee Ingleby) disregarded a photofit description of a bearded man by shutting it in a drawer, the third part sees the case stretch from Leeds to Bradford, with the murder of another young woman, Patricia Atkinson (Sophie Hopkins).

WPC Jill Adams (played by Downton Abbey’s Cara Theobold) is sent undercover to masquerade as a sex worker as the police continue to stumble around in their attempts to track down the killer. She is soon chased down a dark alley by a man, while the detectives supposed to take care of her are entirely unbothered by her distress.

Viewers are then introduced to David Morrissey’s DCS George Oldfield, who shows a strong interest in taking over the whole case as Hobson’s investigation continues to flounder. 

Marcella Claxton’s claim for compensation is brutally turned down on false grounds that she had chosen to undertake sex work, while sex worker Donna DeAngelo (Molly Wright) is beaten in a terrifying ordeal, but when, bloody-nosed, she is picked up by police, they blame her for the crime.

When Donna’s pal phones her from London, she lies and tells her that she has given up sex work.

A fifth victim, 16-year-old girl Jayne MacDonald, is found back in Leeds, after which Oldfield takes over the failing investigation from Hobson. The episode ends with him convinced that he will catch the killer.

Viewers took to social media to react to the latest episode. One wrote: “#TheLongShadow is the best television you'll see all year, and the most frustrating due to the incompetence of the police hierarchy. A stellar cast, with a particular and poignant emphasis on the victims, that only highlighted the sexist and misogynistic attitude of the police.”

Referring to the photofit, another frustrated viewer said: “So I’m presuming that picture he put in the draw never came back out #TheLongShadow”.

The next episode of The Long Shadow airs on ITV on Monday 16th October. Stream the whole series on ITVX now.