NTAs: Lee Mack shares update on the future of The 1% Club

Virgin Radio

6 Sep 2023, 07:31

Lee Mack picks up an NTA for The 1% Club.

Credit: Getty / X @officialNTAs

Having picked up a National Television Award for The 1% Club, Lee Mack has spoken about the show’s future.

The brain-teasing ITV programme won the Quiz Game Show prize at the NTAs last night (5th September).

Speaking to virginradio.co.uk and other press from the winners’ room after picking up the award, its host said: “It's very nice, because it's still a relatively new show." 

Explaining that they made the pilot “pre-Covid”, before the pandemic halted progress, the comedian said: “I feel like we've been doing it for years, whereas actually, it’s quite new isn’t it, on the telly?”

Praising the production team, he added: “It's nice for the guys, because I just turn up, to be honest with you. I turn up, I read out the questions, and I take the mickey out of some people and I go home, but because I'm on the telly, I get the credit!”

Regarding whether we will get to see more of the popular quiz show in the future, its presenter told us: “We’re definitely doing more, because we're doing about 15 or 16 episodes this autumn, and then I don't know what happens after that. You’ll have to speak to the admin. I don't do the admin. I just turn up!”

When asked why he thinks The 1% Club resonates with people, Lee replied: “Well, because people like to feel clever, don’t they? And if you get a 20% question, right, you know that only one-in-five of the population got it right, and you got it right, you can feel really smug. Especially if your dad got it wrong and you got it right." 

He continued: “That's what happens in my house. You get one question right on University Challenge, and you're just surfing for days in the smugness. That’s how it feels on The 1% Club, only with nicer looking pictures, and a big prize at the end. Not like a glass goldfish bowl on Mastermind! What’s that about?”

On the show’s popularity, its star said: “It used to be, people always coming up to me about Not Going Out. Then, Would I Lie To You started and it was always about Would I Lie To You, and now it's always about The 1% Club. It’s always the newest thing, you know? But I do think The 1% Club perhaps attracts a different type of audience, not just comedy fans. It’s the first time I’ve been involved in a quiz show. So people who perhaps have never seen my comedy might watch The 1% Club.”

The comedy legend attended the NTAs fresh from an appearance at Chris Evans’ own CarFest. Describing the festival as "stress-free", he said: “My favourite moment was realising that everyone's like me, middle-aged and tired. So you get a little chair out. You're allowed to watch the music while sitting. Peter Andre, a cold drink, legs on a cushion, what more do you want?”

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