Tom Hanks’ niece goes viral after throwing a massive tantrum on Claim To Fame reality show

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28 Jun 2023, 11:02

Credit: Getty / ABC

The niece of Tom Hanks has gone viral after having a full meltdown on US reality series, Claim To Fame. 

Carly Reeves appeared on the debut episode of season two of the series, which pits famous relatives together to try and keep their true identities (and their celeb relatives) a secret all while living under the same roof. 

Hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas (of Jonas Brothers fame), Claim To Fame sees the contestants try out challenges and form alliances to make it through the tasks without being uncovered, all to win a $100,000 jackpot. 

During the final moments of the episode, which aired on Monday (26th June), Carly was face-to-face with fellow contestant Hugo, who managed to correctly guess she was related to Hollywood icon Tom Hanks after being given a round of clues. 

Hugo’s winning guess meant that Carly, Tom's niece, would be eliminated, which sent her into an incredibly dramatic spiral. 

Carly burst into tears immediately after being found out, and stormed off the set and back into the house. 

Her fellow Claim To Fame contestants then listened in awe as she screamed throughout the house while packing her things and smashing her way through her personal items. 

While the cameras were still on her, Carly continued her emotional tirade while complaining that the clues given were too “freakin’ obvious”. 

“There’s literally no reference to benches on any other movie. Even [fellow contestant] Gabriel found that out. He’s not even, like, smart,” she screamed. 

Seriously unhappy with the result, she added: “I didn’t even get to do any challenges!” Reeves added. “I don’t deserve this. I should have more camera time. I should be aired longer!”

The intense outburst has gone wild online, with many fans sending the clip - and Carly - viral.

One fan wrote: “This has to be one of the best tantrums in reality tv history, right?! #ClaimtoFame making it into the books tonight!”

Another wrote: “i’m literally obsessed with carly’s blood curdling scream. it’s so camp i can’t stop listening to it #ClaimtoFame.”

Speaking to USA Today about her big blow-up, Carly explained: “I thought that my clues were just super easy. I felt like I didn’t get as easy a game as everyone else. They could have used a million different clues from all of his different movies, but they decided to use the biggest movie of his and make three clues about that.”

“I thought I didn’t get a good shot at it, and I just felt like it was all kind of planned to make me go home. But in reality, I know that it’s just a game, and people had their theories about me, and they were right.”