Eddy's Good News: Incredible brain implants and banning conversion therapy

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20 Jun 2023, 09:09

Credit: NBC News & Héloïse Delbos

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Tuesday 20th June 2023

Credit: Gert-Jan photo by Weber Gilles for CHUV – Lausanne University Hospital

Amazing news from Switzerland and a man paralyzed from the waist down, now able to climb stairs thanks to an incredible new brain implant which can talk to his spinal cord!

Say bonjour to Lausanne University Hospital and their patient Gert-Jan Oskam who suffered a horrific spinal injury in a motorcycle accident which rendered him totally unable to use his legs.

Now I’ve reported here on the beginnings of brain to body technology, we had a gizmo that can make blind people see at least outlines and shapes by linking the brain to the optic nerve, now they’ve amazingly implanted a device that links Gert’s thoughts to his muscles and here’s how. The brain implant converts his thought to an electrical signal that goes to a little computer in his backpack, which in turn communicates with a pacemaker that sends just the right electrical impulses to the nerves controlling his legs for them to move how he wants them to. It’s incredible and not just because he’s now able to even walk up stairs but he’s even able to now get up off a chair and walk with a crutch even when the machine is switched off. The whole process has given his nervous system the kick start it needed to create new neural pathways. It’s still early days and the tech is bulky and clunky but this is the beginning of something truly great for people who are paralyzed by nerve injuries.

Via: youtube.com

Credit: Héloïse Delbos

In Pride month and with Virgin Radio Pride absolutely smashing it on so many levels, here’s a piece of good news dedicated to all our colleagues there…

Iceland has banned conversion therapy. Iceland is among the world’s most LGBTQ+ friendly nations - kind of the opposite of America, and it just saw a landslide vote which outlaws the ridiculous notion that gay people can and should be ‘converted’ to heterosexual by force – with jail sentences beckoning for anyone flouting the ban.

Gosh, what are Icelandic Scientologists going to do? How’s this for a parliamentary consensus, Iceland’s parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of the new law, with 53 for, NONE against and three abstentions. It now joins around 16 countries, including Brazil, Ecuador, Spain and Germany who’ve banned the practice. The UK government has also promised a ban. Meanwhile Wales is taking legal advice on implementing its own laws and Scotland has committed to a ban by the end of 2023. Good on ya Scotland!

Via: positive.news