Anne Hathaway and Salma Hayek to star in Netflix's adaptation of Seesaw Monster

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9 Nov 2022, 17:13

Anne Hathaway and Salma Hayek 

Credit: Getty

Anne Hathaway and Salma Hayek are joining forces to star in an adaptation of Kotaro Isaka's 2019 novel, Seesaw Monster, following the success of 2022's comedic thriller Bullet Train starring Brad Pitt which was adapted from Isaka's 2010 novel Maria Beetle. 

The 'action-comedy two-hander' will follow rivals Hathaway and Hayek who are forced to work together. Ocean's 8's Olivia Milch is set to write the screenplay adaptation with Hathaway producing through her Somewhere Pictures company and Hayek via her own Ventanarosa Productions.

The novel 'goes between Japan's Showa Era (1926-1989) and the year 2050, following the mysterious relationship between a wife and her mother-in-law'.

Hollywood superstar Anne has recently opened up about the 'Hathahate' she endured after winning an Oscar in 2012’s Les Misérables.

She explained previously: “I am of the firm belief that we are born experiencing love. And then we form, in a culture of misplaced hate, unhealed hurt, and the toxicity that is the byproduct of both.

“The good news about hate being learned is that whoever learned it can learn. There is a brain there. I hope they give themselves a chance to relearn love.

“Be happy for women. Period,” Hathaway said. “Especially be happy for high-achieving women. Like, it’s not that hard.

“Hate seems to me to be the opposite of life; in soil that harsh, nothing can grow properly, if at all.”