Netflix documentary leaves viewers baffled with 'mind-bending' theories about infinity

Virgin Radio

17 Oct 2022, 10:54

Ready to be bamboozled by the mysteries of infinity?

Netflix have just released their latest in-depth documentary, but instead of another true-crime series, this time, they’ve gathered some of the world’s most knowledgeable experts on all things infinity. 

A Trip to Infinity explores the “mind-bending implications” infinity has on the universe, with mathematicians, particle physicists and cosmologists taking a very deep dive into if the infinite even exists. 

The doc introduces a number of chapters and theories with colourful animations to keep the viewer hooked while listening to head-scratching takes on if the universe is infinite, and if we’ll ever truly understand what infinity really means. 

Watch the trailer below:

Fans watching along and trying to make sense of the concept at home found the Apple in the Box theory particularly tricky.

One viewer wrote “I am not okay after watching this” on Twitter, when trying to work out whether it would be possible that an apple in a box would eventually become an apple once more if left within the box for billions of years. 

Yep, told you it was a head-scratcher!

Other viewers took to social media to share their absolutely flabastared response to learning about infinity. 

One wrote: “What it existentially means is that there is no infinity or am I tripping??? A trip to infinity is a documentary on Netflix. Check it out and be mind blown.”

Another commented: “If you want your head fried watch ‘a trip to infinity’ on Netflix,” while a third said: “Watching A Trip To Infinity on Netflix and honestly my brain is mush now.”

In the trailer, those in the know do admit that “when we talk about infinity, it makes our heads spin,” so you’re definitely not alone in feeling a bit woozy at the idea of it. 

One expert says: “I find infinity beautiful and thrilling,” while another says: “Infinity doesn’t behave like anything we’re used to.”

“Infinity is that feeling of ‘I’m bigger because I know how small I am,” says a third theorist. 

Will you be tuning in?