Ben Elton is reviving Friday Night Live with Harry Enfield and Jo Brand

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6 Oct 2022, 13:09

Ben Elton

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Ben Elton is bringing back Friday Night Live with comedians Harry Enfield and Jo Brand for a one-off special on Channel 4.

The original show aired from 1985 to 1988 and was known as Saturday Live. Both Enfield and Brand appeared on the show, which was known for catapulting comedians, along with the likes of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie.

Featuring a mix of stand-up comedy and topical sketches, the show was broadcast live but also included a bit of pre-recorded material and introduced the public to many comedians that we know and love today.

On Thursday (6th October), Channel 4 revealed they would be reviving the show in October for a one-off special episode as part of their 40th anniversary celebrations with none other than Ben Elton back at the helm.

Former cast members Enfiled, Brand and Julian Clary, are also onboard for Friday Night Live and will be joined by comics such as Rosie Jones, Mawaan Rizwan, Jordan Gray, Ronni Ancona and Sam Campbell- with Self Esteem booked to perform.

Ben Elton on Saturday Live

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The show originally aired on a Saturday but moved to Friday night in 1988 and was brought back for a special on Red Nose Day in 1993 and a one-off episode in 2007 hosted by Marcus Brigstocke titled Saturday Live Again.

In 1996 an eight-episode series of Saturday Live also ran on ITV with Lee Hurst at the helm.

In other TV news and after months of speculation, it was announced Frasier will be getting a reboot on Paramount+.

The original series ran from 1993 to 2004, with Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce and Jane Leeves leading the cast of the Seattle-based show.

According to reports, the new Frasier series will feature a new set of characters in a new city, but original cast members will be making guest appearances throughout.

An air date for Friday Night Live has not yet been announced.