Disney's Lion King, Moana, and Bambi now have indigenous language dubs

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6 Oct 2022, 11:36

The Lion King logo with a lion and cub against a sunset, Maui and Moana with the disney and Moana logo, and Bambi, Thumper and Flower from Bambi plus the logo in gold

Credit: Disney+

More people than ever can now enjoy Disney films, thanks to new language dubs.

Collider reports that three Disney films will now have indigenous language dubs on Disney+.

Film dubs are particularly beneficial for children, who might struggle with reading subtitles.

The new dubs will arrive on Friday, when Disney+ subscribers can watch Bambi in Arapaho.

Arapaho is an indigenous American language spoken by around 1000 people.

The Arapaho dub was originally recorded in 1990 and was Disney's first ever indigenous language dub.

The Lion King will now be available in Zulu, a language spoken by more than nine million people.

The Zulu dub was recorded at the original release of the film, and the directors searched South Africa to find a Zulu-speaking voice cast.

Moana will be available in Tahitian.

Moana is the first film to be fully dubbed in the language.

Previously it was only available for schools and institutions but not to the general public.

It turns out that there is also a Māori version of Moana too.

The new additions join Navajo dubs of Finding Nemo and Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

These new dubs will arrive on Disney+ this Friday, October 7.

Also coming to Disney+ is a film about the Epcot mascot Figment.