Fans certain new Monsters Inc. film is coming after spotting Easter egg in Lightyear

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6 Sep 2022, 11:32

Credit: IMDB

Could another Monsters Inc. movie be on the way? Yes, according to eagle-eyed fans who are sure they've spotted a potential Easter egg in Lightyear starring Hollywood's Chris Evans.

Monsters Inc. was released back in 2001 and it could be coming back to the big screen according to TikTok-er Bizamanic who saw canisters hidden away in the corner of a scene that only hardcore fans would pick up on.

He wrote: "Watching Lightyear when I noticed something. How could this be?"

Although the canisters aren't only found in the Monstropolis, questions have been raised why the Space Rangers would need canisters that contain screams, pointing towards them being an Easter egg for a new Monsters Inc. film.

"I didn’t notice it in the movie but the second you zoomed in on it I was like 'that’s from Monsters Inc.!!!!'” agreed one user.

"This could mean the next film is another Monsters. They’ve done this multiple times to tease their next project in other films," noticed another.

"Every time I watch these videos, I try to notice what you notice before you notice but I never notice what you notice fast enough," joked one user.

Another added: "The day Pixar makes a multiverse movie to tie everything together will make cinema history."

"I noticed this too when I watched and just thought, huh, they must get laughs from Mike and Sully to power everything, lmao," noticed one fan.

Could the canisters mean there's a new Monsters Inc. movie on the way?

Here's hoping.