Westworld character returns from the dead

Virgin Radio

18 Jun 2022, 13:00

A new trailer for season 4 contains big reveals!

Okay, we'll cut right to the chase, The Man in Black, played by Ed Harris, who - despite having seemingly been blasted by his cyborg copy in 2020's season 3 - is back back back.

As you'll see in the video below, William - that's the characters real name - is alive and well, only now he's built from wires and synthetic tissue. 

A warning to sufferers of pteronarcophobia. Many, many flies follow.

"Your kind made a sport out of hunting us," Charlotte Hale (played by Tessa Thompson) tells William while he's hooked up at the android farm. "You controlled our every move and now I'm going to do the same to you. It's time to evolve into the species we were meant to become."

"Maybe it's time you questioned the nature of your own reality. We're not here to transcend, we're here to destroy..." says William in response.

And... fight!

Fans of Westworld may not be hugely surprised that the Man in Black is to return. Show co-creator Jonathan Nolan previously teased the characters return back in 2020. 

"I'm a big believer in being guided by irony," he said while attending The Paley Center for Media.

"[The Man in Black] winds up becoming this thing that he's controlled for so long. And on a visceral level, I just can't wait to watch Ed kill everyone."

'Westworld' season 4 debuts on June 26th