Alice in Borderland shares first look at its second season

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8 Jun 2022, 09:32

Alice in Borderland

Credit: Netflix

Hit Netflix show Alice in Borderland is returning for another season, and fans have been given a first glimpse of what they can expect from the new episodes.

In case you aren’t up to speed with Alice In Borderland, the first season followed aimless teenage gamer Ryohei Arisu, who, with his two pals, found himself in a parallel Tokyo and forced to compete in a series of sadistic games to survive. 

The first season caused many viewers to ask who was in charge of the games and for what reason, and its ending certainly left many questions unanswered, seemingly guaranteeing that there would be a sequel. 

And so it proved, as in November last year it was announced that the acclaimed show is indeed on its way back. During its Geeked Week this week (June 6th - 10th), Netflix has shared some photos of the second season.

The @NetflixGeeked Twitter account posted three photos, saying “The next stage of the game has begun. ALICE IN BORDERLAND Season 2 is coming soon to Netflix #GeekedWeek”

The pictures seem to confirm that Kento Yamazaki will be back as Arisu, as will Tao Tsuchiya, who plays Yuzuha Usagi. 

Check out the new pictures here: 

Fans on Twitter were excited to see some images from the new season. One commented: “Fun fact this show is better than squid game.”

Someone else wrote: “I cannot wait for this! I loved season 1 so much.”

Others questioned exactly how “soon” the new season will land. Whilst there has not been an official announcement, other commenters suggested it will be in December, as the first season arrived in December 2020.

We’re counting down the months until we can get to see season two!