Devils: Patrick Dempsey admits he leaves investing ‘to the experts’ after starring in financial thriller

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28 Apr 2022, 14:29

Patrick Dempsey in Devils

Credit: Sky Atlantic

Being in an in-depth, economics-driven series doesn’t make investing any easier it seems. 

Things are getting very heated in series 2 of Devils, which begins tomorrow night (Friday 29th April) on Sky Atlantic, and star Patrick Dempsey is back trying to traverse the seemingly dangerous world of banking and world economics. 

The Hollywood actor is back as American investment bank CEO Dominic Morgan, alongside leading man Alessandro Borghi, who plays Dominic’s former protege Massimo Ruggero. 

Now he’s had to research a taste of what the world of investments looks like, Patrick says he chooses ‘comfortable’ things to spend his money on. 

While speaking to and other press, Patrick explained: “We've always been good with real estate and property, like I started off very early, investing in a small home, and fixing it up doing a lot of the work myself, and then flipping it to a bigger home. So I feel really comfortable with that. 

“When it comes to the market, I leave that to the professionals. And I take a very conservative stance in a long term view that way. I like to play with vintage cars, and certain types of vintage cars. Those are worlds I know, everything else, I rely on the experts.”

Devils series 2 takes place in 2016, with Brexit just around the corner, and the stakes are higher than ever, especially following the deadly and dangerous consequences both men faced in series one.

In the new episodes, questions surrounding Massimo’s pro-Chinese acquisitions while CEO of NYL lead to a warning from Dominic, and the two may have to team up once more to fight on the right side.

It’s obvious within seconds of the trailer that series 2 seriously ramps up the drama, but Patrick has a trick or two to keeping calm after filming such an intense show while also dealing with the real world challenges reenacted in the series.

Patrick continued: “For me, the best way to get over the anxiety is to exercise and to be in nature, and get away from the news, because it will just wind you up. And then if you can kind of decompress and do that, then I think it helps you maintain that perspective of compassion and empathy. Because if you don't, then you're just spun out. But I think for a lot of people, it's an addiction, it's a high.”

Devils series 2 begins on Friday 29th April at 9pm on Sky Atlantic with all episodes available via NOW and Sky On Demand.