New Netflix show Heartstopper highlights LGBTQ teens are STILL bullied in schools despite 2019 legislation

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5 Apr 2022, 15:07

Credit: Netflix

New Netflix drama series Heartstopper drops this month and shows that teenagers who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community are still facing huge struggles with bullying at school - despite the 2019 legislation.

Based on the webcomic and graphic novel by writer Alice Oseman, she told the Guardian: “When I meet teenagers who have read my books, from some I get the impression they’ve had such a better experience being LGBTQ+ in school now, but for others it sounds exactly the same.

"I like to think overall things have got better, but it’s still not blissful amazingness everywhere.”

Welsh LGBTQ+ activist and actor Scott McGlynn said about being turned down to return to his old school to do a talk on his LGBTQ+ work.

He said: “I was really stumped that I was offering to come in and do a talk to inform and educate and it was almost seen as an embarrassment to them.

"Perhaps, because whilst I was there I suffered badly.

"Back in the 90s no one did a thing. I know from the messages I get, that many young teens who are exploring their sexuality and may be experiencing confusion as well as bullying are really struggling in school right now. Some of the messages I get really are heartbreaking.”

In 2019, it became mandatory for secondary schools 'to educate students on sexual orientation, gender identity and relationships, while primary schools were told they must implement lessons which teach children about LGBTQ+ families'.

Heartstopper drops on Netflix on April 22.