The official trailer for The Flight Attendant season two has landed. Can you spot the A-list star?

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5 Apr 2022, 13:53

Credit: Sky

Get ready for take-off and fasten your seatbelts. The second coming of the dark series The Flight Attendant starring Kaley Cuoco has hit the runway.

The full Sky Max eight-episode season will return to our screens on 26 May and see a sober Cassie Bowden (Cuoco) living in Los Angeles while moonlighting as CIA. But her life turns upside down when an overseas assignment leads her to mistakenly witness a murder and she becomes entangled in an international danger via LA, Berlin and Reykjavik.

So who's the Hollywood star joining her? It's none other than Sharon Stone who makes her highly-anticipated debut in the drama playing Lisa, the mother of Cassie.

Cassie tells her friends in the clip: "There are a lot of weird things going on around me. I'm starting to think that someone is pretending to be me!"

Friend Ani Mouradian (Zosia Mamet) tells her: "It sounds like someone's trying to frame you."

Santiago Cabrera stars as new boyfriend Marco and Deniz Akdeniz as pal Max. She tells them: "I'm an asset for the CIA. I know we said no more secrets, but you were just about to guess it anyway."

Further on in the trailer, Cassie comes face to face with different versions of herself with one asking: "What'd you think, you were gonna find some hot dead guy in here again?" pointing to season one.

Another version says they are her but 'a black hole of joy', while another Cassie reveals herself as her if she'd 'made better choices'.

Credit: HBO

Cuoco explained previously: "She is an asset, she's not a magical CIA agent. She's trying to keep secrets and she's terrible at it.

"She's street smart and quirky, but it's a small side gig next to her normal life, and she has to keep being reminded of that as well. Cassie is trying to live a sober life, and also trying to be the fun Cassie.

"She thinks she's not enjoyable when she's not drunk. She thinks that's who she is. So to take that away from her; to try and live a normal existence, she's gonna learn really fast that it's not going to work for her. She also looks at life in black and white.

"She thinks she's sober now, and so here comes her perfect life, and it is not going to turn out that way for her at all."

Buckle up. We're ready to fly.