The Repair Shop returns for new series and fans are loving the latest restoration

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15 Mar 2022, 13:56

Credit: BBC

Credit: BBC

For fans of The Repair Shop, the wait was finally over as the first episode of the new BBC series aired on Monday.

The episode delivered some heartfelt moments as usual, but viewers were all saying the same thing about one restoration in particular.

Jane and her granddaughter Millie brought a very precious toy into the shop with hopes that it could be brought back to life.

Jane was given the doll, named Mary-Lynn, by her father when he brought it home after serving in World War Two. Her father had been captured by Japanese troops and became a prisoner of war for three and a half years, so Jane was four years old when she first met him.

On that first meeting, he gave her the doll.

She recalls: “I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life. This is the only doll I’ve ever had.”

She added: “I would love Millie to see her how she was.”

Unfortunately, Mary-Lynn didn’t look as beautiful as she once did, but Julie and Amanda (The Teddy Bear Ladies) were able to work their magic.

As usual, Jane’s reunion with the new improved Mary-Lynn was an emotional one, and viewers to Twitter to show their amazement at the repair.

One user wrote: “You did such a good job. I burned my tea, glued to the TV and the oven was on but I had to see how Mary turned out. I love love love this show 😍 #therepairshop #teddybearladies”.

Another said: “Think Millie and her granny are pleased with Mary-Lynnes transformation 😆 #therepairshop”.

A third wrote: “It was a gem. I especially admired the reconstruction of the doll’s face, from rather scary to enchanting.”

The Repair Shop continues weekdays at 3:45pm on BBC One.