Catherine Tate reveals if she’ll return to Doctor Who for the 60th anniversary

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15 Mar 2022, 11:44

Credit: Rex / BBC

Credit: Rex / BBC

After whispers about Catherine Tate returning to the Doctor Who franchise, she’s finally setting the record straight. 

The Nan Movie star appeared on The One Show overnight (14th March) and was quizzed about whether she’ll reprise her role as Donna Noble for the upcoming 60 anniversary of the long-running sci-fi franchise. 

Catherine played Donna for two series from 2008 to 2010 as David Tennant’s companion. 

When the topic of DW came up, Catherine joked she ‘probably started a lot’ of the rumours currently circulating about a reprisal, and suggested she’d be up for a comeback. 

She explained: “What can I tell you?...No, I wish it was [true]. Well, no one's been in touch."

Taking it all in her stride, Catherine jokingly added; “But I'm on the same number, I'd just like to say. So, if you've got the money, I've got the time."

Catherine’s admission comes after the current Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, hinted that Bradley Walks could return to the Tardis too. 

With Jodie’s exit from the beloved series imminent, one of the rumours flying around about her regeneration episode centres around her former series companion Bradley (who left the series at the start of 2021) and his return for a final goodbye.

Speaking with current co-star John Bishop on his Three Little Words podcast, the pair looked back at the final day of filming.

Bishop revealed: “We had a moment when we finished Doctor Who. We went out for a dinner, and we got talking about it, and I just…I just burst out crying.

“Because [of] these relationships that I’d established with people that I wasn’t expecting to establish.

Whittaker added: “There was me, Madip (Gill), Brad (Walsh), and you, and we were in this private dining room, weren’t we? And we just all became completely over-emotional”.

Prior to this, images of Walsh on location with Bishop and other cast members were circulating on Twitter before getting deleted.

Walsh’s involvement in dinner with the cast after shooting the final episode certainly suggests he could be appearing in the series very soon, but nothing has been confirmed by show bosses.

Doctor Who ‘Legend of the Sea Devils’ airs on BBC One this spring.