No Return viewers spot ‘frustrating’ plot hole in the second episode

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15 Feb 2022, 12:25

Credit: ITV

Credit: ITV

The latest episode of ITV’s drama aired on Monday night (13 February), and viewers have exposed a major plot hole.

Starring Sheridan Smith as Kathy, No Return follows a family whose world comes crumbling down after their son Noah is accused of sexually assaulting a boy and arrested while on holiday in Turkey.

In the latest episode, Kathy and Martin are doing everything they can to get their son back from prison and end up hiring a local lawyer Rico Karvalci (Philip Arditti) to help.

However, viewers have already said the lawyer seems like a suspicious character and not someone you would trust with the life of your son.

Taking to Twitter, fans of the show questioned why the Powell family haven’t yet contacted the British embassy for help.

One user wrote: “wouldn’t one of the first things that they should do be to call The British Embassy?”

Another said: “I would be straight on the phone to the British embassy and I would not be taking the first lawyer the holiday rep recommends.”

A third commented: “Why aren’t they using the British Embassy instead of some slippery narcissistic lawyer?”

During the episode, Rico had informed Kathy and Martin that he wouldn’t be able to secure a hearing for another seven weeks. However, he suggested there may be a way to get him out quicker, but of course, that would come at a price.

After a heart to heart, Kathy turned to her sister Megan for financial help.

Despite the plot hole, many fans also took to the social media platform to share their praise for Sheridan Smith’s acting.

One viewer wrote: “Looking forward to watching this. Sheridan Smith is an outstanding actress, always puts her heart and soul into every project she takes on”.

Another said: “Can I just say what a performance from Sheridan Smith”.

No Return continues on 21 February at 9pm on ITV, or the whole series is available to view on ITV Hub.