Tour-iffic: The Tourist viewers left in tears, and some confused, after emotional ending

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4 Jan 2022, 17:23

SPOILER ALERT: If, like us, you're addicted to The Tourist, DO NOT read on. The BBC iPlayer smash hit has blown fans' minds with it's 'confusing' and 'tear jerking' conclusion.

The talented Jamie Dornan gives an award-winning performance as The Man who is suffering with amnesia after a car accident robbed him of his memory.

As the story unfolds, we find out his name is Elliot Stanley and he was the accountant to drug lord and LSD-quaffer Kostas who he was on the run from after falling in love with his fiancée and stealing £1million. Ouch.

After his own LSD-fuelled trip and experiencing flashbacks of a woman, the plot thickens and Elliot finds out he forced people to smuggle heroin which led to the death of two girls carrying the drug for him.

Facing the harrowing news of who he used to be and losing the support of his beloved Helen, Elliot takes an overdose but in the last few scenes of the tense drama he gets a text message off Helen suggesting they could work things out.

Viewers have been left in pieces after the emotional ending.

One fan wrote: "Solid series, very bingeable, intoxicating scenery, sweet ending. 8/10."

Another added: "It was really good but the ending confused me..."

A third viewer commented: "Absolutely epic ending. Wasn’t ready for that!!! Such a great series. Acting is phenomenal. 10/10. Highly recommend."

Another added: "Gripping and funny until finale. So wanted to see Helen starting in detective school in the final scene. Feel like we’ve been robbed of an ending worthy of the rest."

One viewer praised: "What an ending to a brilliant series! I’m left stunned, slightly weepy and smiling!"

A fan penned: "Might just be the most perfect television I’ve seen in a very long time. That ending, so understated and beautiful

While another added: "Just finished the series The Tourist with Jamie Dornan. Won’t spoil it but slightly strange ending."

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