The Neverending Story gets new film series adaptation

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20 Mar 2024, 15:22

Credit: Rex/Amazon

Get ready to dive back into the enchanting world of Fantastica because The Neverending Story is making its triumphant return to the silver screen!

With a new joint venture between Michael Ende Productions and the acclaimed See-Saw Films, fans can expect a series of live-action films that will transport them on an epic journey through the magical realms of imagination.

The revival of this beloved fantasy saga marks the end of a quest for one of the most sought-after properties in modern storytelling.

After fielding interest from studios and streamers worldwide, Michael Ende's, the writer of the original 1979 novel the classic film was based on, estate has finally entrusted the rights to See-Saw Films, known for their prowess in adapting literary gems for the screen.

Such success includes films such Lion and The Power of the Dog and recent TV hits Heartstopper and Gary Oldman vehicle Slow Horses.

Their biggest success to date is the Oscar powerhouse film The King's Speech, which won Best Picture and secured lead actor Colin Firth his own golden statue.

According to Iain Canning in Variety, one of the producers at See-Saw: "The story is both timely and timeless, and really has an opportunity to be told in a fresh way."

Indeed, The Neverending Story has captivated readers for decades with its rich tapestry of adventure, mystery, and wonder.

Now, a new generation will have the chance to embark on their own journey into Fantastica.

It is a journey that could also tell it's own equally epic story, as Canning suggest that had had the idea to adapt the fantasy into a series over 15 years ago, before they'd even secured their biggest successes.

But what exactly awaits us in this fantastical realm?

For those unfamiliar with the tale, The Neverending Story follows the adventures of Bastian Balthasar Bux, a young boy who stumbles upon a magical book that transports him to a world filled with dragons, giants, and other fantastical creatures.

As he delves deeper into the story, Bastian discovers that he has a crucial role to play in saving Fantastica from the encroaching darkness known as The Nothing.

Reflecting on the enduring appeal of the story, Canning remarked: "Every generation deserves their own journey into Fantastica."

And with the resources and talent of See-Saw Films behind the project, audiences can expect a cinematic experience that honours the legacy of Michael Ende's masterpiece while also bringing new layers of meaning and depth to the narrative.

For Roman Hocke, a key figure at Michael Ende Productions, the new adaptation is not just about creating another monument to the author's legacy but also celebrating the timeless art of storytelling itself.

"We need stories like we need the air to breathe and water to survive," he said. "And The Neverending Story is the story of all stories."

As preparations for the film series begin, fans can anticipate a journey that will take them from the majestic Ivory Tower to the treacherous Swamps of Sadness.

With colourful characters, breathtaking landscapes, and a dash of '80s nostalgia reminiscent of Stranger Things, The Neverending Story promises to reignite the imaginations of audiences around the world.

So, get ready to soar on the wings of Falkor once again as The Neverending Story prepares to enchant a whole new generation of dreamers and adventurers. The journey may have just begun, but the magic of Fantastica knows no bounds!