Matt Willis leaves fans in tears as he opens up about addiction in new documentary

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18 May 2023, 12:52

Matt Willis

Credit: BBC

Matt Willis has left his fans “sobbing” after opening up about his battle with addiction in a new documentary for the BBC.

In Fight Addiction, the Busted singer shares his struggles with drink and drugs and revealed there were times when he couldn’t even get to midday with out drinking. At his lowest, he was also using six grammes of cocaine a day.

The documentary, which also features his wife Emma Willis, had viewers in tears after hearing everything the pair had been through.

Taking to Twitter to share their thoughts, one fan wrote: “An emotional and hard watch”.

While another added: “So thought provoking and insightful and so bloody powerful and moving! Tears in my eyes most of the time!!”.

A third said: ““Just need to say @EmmaWillis #mattwillis are amazing to be so open and honest…I’m sobbing here.

"Wishing you both the very best and happiest future together!”

A fourth commented: “I admire Matt & Emma Willis's honesty about living with Matt's addiction, it was heartbreaking to hear what they've been through.”

Matt, who is now sober, admitted he was “terrified of relapse” in the future and about what that could mean for his life.

He explained: “I think the conversation about addiction is sometimes so focused on the addict and I think the affect it can have on the people that love you is so huge.

"I am terrified of relapse. If I do that again, everything will end. I want to find what's working for people because there is no one size fits all for everybody, and whether or not I am destined to be this forever."

Matt Willis: Fighting Addiction airs on Wednesday 17th May at 9pm.