Race Across The World episode 2 preview: One team gets a head start as their journey to the Yukon begins

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29 Mar 2023, 10:51

Race Across The World 2023 episode 2

Credit: BBC

All the teams on Race Across The World will get a real taste of the Canadian wilderness as they set off across the Yukon in episode two. 

Series three of the fan-favourite travel reality series continues tonight (Wednesday 29th March) and will see the five pairs of intrepid explorers leave the indigenous island of Haida Gwaii and head into the wild. 

They will have to grapple with dense forests, vast ice fields and next to no public transport in order to make the 2000 km journey to the heart of the Yukon for the second checkpoint - Dawson City.

Before they all set off, the teams turn their hand to cockle gathering with the local community, with a local cockle farmer giving them some guidance before being sent on their way. 

Race leaders, Claudia and her dad Kevin, are the first to leave with a slender two-minute advantage over their rivals, but have spent more money than the rest of the pack.

After splashing the cash on an expensive taxi ride and with a quarter of their entire budget already gone, they opt for a no-frills strategy of camping and car-sharing this time around, and luckily, Kevin knows just where they’re heading to, excitedly exclaiming: “I know where it is! Top of the world, that’s where we’re going.”

Those focusing on their money include Zainib and Mobeen, who seem to be relying more on the kindness of strangers on their way. 

Meanwhile, best friends Tricia and Cathie set off with different priorities. Self-confessed control freak Cathie is anxious about venturing into the unknown and being reliant on others, whereas ‘gung ho’ Tricia wants to get going and experience all she can. 

Having a variety of experiences remains Ladi’s ambition for daughter Monique. Having never owned a backpack prior to setting off from Vancouver, Monique’s education continues. 

Last to leave the checkpoint are estranged brothers Marc and Michael, and things go from bad to worse when Marc’s fear of bears causes a spat between the pair.

Race Across the World continues tonight on BBC One and iPlayer at 9pm.