Steps star Ian 'H' Watkins and Michelle Visage on their pop song collaboration

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3 Apr 2021, 12:39

Steps pop star Ian 'H' Watkins and Michelle Visage joined the Graham Norton Radio Show with Waitrose to talk about teaming up on dancefloor filler single Heartbreak In This City.

H told Graham about Michelle featuring on the record as well as joining the pop group to perform on BBC's The Graham Norton Show last night - but with an absent Lisa Scott-Lee: “Lisa is still very much with us and was there in spirit last night.

“She's just in Dubai, because of the current horrendous situation, she couldn't make it but Michelle is an honorary member for this period.”

He told Michelle: “You've always been part of us and as I said on the show last night, you manifested this. You did your cosmic order and it arrived, so good on you.

“All of the stars aligned and here we are today. It's the perfect pop marriage, it’s just beautiful.”

On his desire to appear as a guest judge on Drag Race, H shared: “That is my dream. Seriously, Drag Race has been with me for many, many years through breakups, through children, through successful relationships. It’s my go-to and it's literally my bucket-list show.”

Michelle said of her childhood style heroes: “I love a long nail. I grew up worshipping Cher, watching her on The Sonny and Cher Show and putting sellotape around my fingers, acting like I had long nails.

"I was always obsessed with old Barbra Streisand movies. There always had beautiful long nails that I never had because I was a biter so the minute I could stop and go for a manicure and start growing my nails I did.”

Will Michelle ever relocate to the UK? She said: “100 per cent. That's the intention. We’re just waiting for the girls to graduate from uni and then once they're out, they can decide where they want to be and we can be free to finally relocate here and have a proper home.

“I’m here for two more weeks then I must go home because I think my children and my husband have forgotten who I am and what I look like, then I’m back in September.”

H shared an insight into his lockdown experience: ”I have been confined. I have twin boys who are five-years-old and I've questioned my sanity, my drinking habits...

“It's been hard, it's been tough. Things are finally getting back to normal because my kids are back in school, there’s one more week left of the Easter holidays and I can start to focus on myself a little bit.”  

Heartbreak In This City, featuring Michelle Visage, is out now.