Trinny Woodall tells Graham Norton how being in debt inspired her new book Fearless

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3 Dec 2023, 14:43

Trinny Woodall and Graham Norton

Credit: Dan Kennedy

Trinny Woodhall has released a new book, Fearless, offering advice and tools to improve your self-confidence. 

The What Not To Wear star joined the Graham Norton Show with Waitrose this morning to talk about her latest project and the parts of her life that inspired it. 

Fearless includes practical fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle advice with contributions from her fans (who call themselves Trinny Tribers). Each chapter sets the reader a challenge and asks them to dig inside themselves to figure out why they have formed the habits they have - for example, one chapter focuses on finance and money and invites the reader to take a closer look at their spending habits. 

Speaking about how her own life experiences contributed to this particular chapter, Trinny told Graham: “I went for a while to DA, Debtors Anonymous, and in it, I learned some tools that really helped me. So, in the book, it asks how you feel about this subject and how much it worries you or doesn’t. And then the challenges are to write down every single thing you spend, however small it is, on your phone and then put it into categories and work out what you feel comfortable with and what you don’t. 

“Sometimes, having a view of everything is better than hiding from ourselves what we are doing.”

Trinny is probably best known for starring alongside co-host Susannah Constantine on their show What Not To Wear, which first aired in the early 2000s. 

It’s fair to say it was quite a confrontational show at times, with lots of ‘rules’ around what women should or shouldn’t be wearing. However, Trinny revealed it was far less brutal than it seemed on TV. 

She said: “It was quite a confrontative TV, but every contributor we ever had on the show always really enjoyed her journey, even though it was edited like a really tough show. I think people got something from it.”

Trinny also thinks she has changed since the show and is a bit less forceful when she makes suggestions about people’s lives, which has helped her when writing this new book. 

She added: “I’ve probably learned a little bit over the years, how to bring ideas to people so that they are prepared to look at them and they feel excited to look at them. I think that’s what [Fearless] is.”

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