Eleanor Tomlinson recalls ‘surreal’ moment working with Christopher Walken in The Outlaws

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2 Dec 2023, 15:56

Eleanor Tomlinson, Graham Norton

Actress and The Outlaws star Eleanor Tomlinson has dished on what it’s really like to work with Hollywood icon Christopher Walken.

The Poldark star and Pulp Fiction actor share the screen together in Stephen Merchant's crime thriller comedy series, which was confirmed for series three back in March. The show follows seven strangers from different walks of life as they take on community service together in Bristol.

Christopher is known for his rather wacky persona and unmistakable voice both on and off screen, and so it’s no surprise that Eleanor has walked away from The Outlaws set with a few stories. 

While on The Graham Norton Radio Show with Waitrose chatting about her new Channel 4 show The Couple Next Door, Graham couldn’t help but ask about the popular BBC series, and in particular what it was like working with the Deer Hunter legend. 

“Working with [Christopher] was just totally extraordinary," she said. "You'd be sitting around having a cup of coffee and suddenly he does a Marlon Brando impression that sounds completely like Christopher Walken. You just sort of sit there and think ‘this is surreal’. It was amazing. What a treat to work with him.”

In an even more surreal moment, Eleanor recalled the moment writer and show creator Stephen decided to take Christopher up to Stonehenge while filming The Outlaws. 

“I think it was a bizarre experience for both of them,” the Colette star remarked. “I think [Christopher] went to see the theatre in Bristol when he was there and walked in and they said it was shut and he couldn't go in. Then they saw who it was, and I think immediately started panicking.”

On whether the Wedding Crashers actor will return for a third season, Eleanor teased: “I think he's back for series three. I'm not sure, I feel like I've spoken hastily because I know that the [Hollywood actor’s] strike really affected things. So I don't actually know the answer.”

Details around Eleanor’s involvement in The Outlaws is also pretty mysterious, but she’s very much for getting back to character Lady Gabriella ‘Gabby’ Penrose-Howe.

“I would love to do it again,” she continued. “I had so much fun doing it. I think, certainly for some of the characters, we could go on and just do a spin off. It'd be so much fun. But it’s in Stephen’s hands and we'll see what happens.”

While she awaits for The Outlaws series three, fans can catch Eleanor in Channel 4’s The Couple Next Door. She stars as Evie, who, with husband Pete (Alfred Enoch) finds herself curtain twitching when a new couple move in next door. 

These two couples get increasingly close to each other and one fateful night, become entangled in a way that will change their lives forever.

The six-episode drama left a little cliffhanger to keep viewers enticed, and according to the telly star, she’d love to see what happens next. 

She added: “We know that it's all gonna get turned on its head. I'm very excited for people to see the end and let me know what you think!”

Episodes of The Couple Next Door air at 9pm on Mondays and Tuesdays on Channel 4. All episodes are available to stream now on All 4.

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