Noel Fitzpatrick tells Chris Evans about his ‘brutally truthful’ new book, Beyond Supervet

Virgin Radio

21 Oct 2022, 11:03

Chris Evans and Noel Fitzpatrick at Virgin Radio

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick joined The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about his latest autobiography, Beyond Supervet.

The book, which comes out on 27th October, follows 2020's Sunday Times bestseller, How Animals Saved My Life, and continues to reveal what it's like to be the Supervet, with Noel at his most candid and revealing. He told Chris: “It’s pretty raw. It’s brutally truthful.”

He added: “Beyond Supervet means, this is it, this is the truth as I know it today, and I’m going to share literally everything with you in the hope that you’ll respect that and maybe be honest with me.”

Speaking about when he was thinking about writing the difficult chapters of his new book, he recalled breaking down in tears side-of-stage at Chris’ own CarFest last year. “Someone was singing a song about love, and I’m like, ‘Well, I could never let love in',” he said.

Noel continued: “Keira had died - that’s my little dog. Mammy was dying, and I’m like ‘Okay, alright matey, put on your big boy pants because there’s a lot of people out there in the world having a tough time for various reasons, and if they think that someone on the telly has it all sorted out, how on earth are they supposed to cope?’ Well, we don’t have it sorted out. Underneath that, there’s just a little boy who is scared and feels inadequate, and if I can’t tell the truth about that, then there is zero point in writing a book.”

Noel also said he was “letting go of all that stuff that I was holding inside for so long, and hoping that by letting it out it would help someone else.”

Speaking more about Beyond Supervet, the professor said: “The most important revelation to me actually comes, I think, in the last chapter. It’s about four o’clock in the morning and I discovered this: I thought, for 40 years, if I worked hard enough, everything would be okay, and it wasn’t. And the most important sentence that ever occurred to me in my entire life is this sentence, ‘You cannot find your truth through your purpose, you can only find your purpose through your truth’. And when that occurred to me, it was like manna from heaven.”

He added: “I’d been running and chasing, and chasing and running, and running and chasing. 

“I just decided… be brave, look in the mirror, tell it like it is, tell everything about your profession, tell everything about your life.” 

The veterinary surgeon went on: “I tell it all, and the other thing was, I wanted to be 100 percent honest about where I think my profession is and what I’ve dedicated my life to, and if I was going to be totally honest about everything, I had to be honest about everything." 

“Either you tell it all raw, or you don’t go there at all, and you just make a superficial book about fluffy dogs.”

On dealing with some heavy subject-matter, Noel told Chris: “How I wrote it in the book is how I wanted to explain the truth, and coming to terms with that so you don’t keep running.” 

When Chris asked what comes next for the Supervet, Noel replied: “What’s next, is let’s try and change the world, and I’m not joking.”

Noel is set to embark on a UK tour, An Evening With Noel Fitzpatrick, which starts in Belfast’s Waterfront Hall at the end of October. He told Chris: “It’s going to be the most raw, most truthful, most honest consulting room that ever happened in the United Kingdom and I can’t wait!”

Beyond Supervet is out 17th October. For tickets to An Evening With Noel Fitzpatrick, visit

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