Lou Sanders on performing her new show at Edinburgh Fringe - ‘I’ve only cried twice on stage’

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11 Aug 2022, 12:38

Lou Sanders press shot.

Credit: Press / Matt Stronge

Award-winning stand-up comedian Lou Sanders joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about returning to the Edinburgh Fringe with her new show, called One Word: Wow.

The show is on every day until Sunday 28th August (except for the 17th) at Monkey Barrel 3. Lou told Tom Allen, who is in for Chris: “Funny story… so, my show was a little bit about my stepdad and a lot about this boy that I fell in love with in the pandemic. I met him at the skatepark, and then we split up a week before the Fringe. Great. Great stuff. Great timing. And then something else happened in my family, which I talk about in the show, at the end. So the show has changed quite a lot. But people love a bit of misery, don’t they?

“Before, it was too joyful. And now, at least it’s got a bit of everything.”

The comedian added: “And the good news is I’ve only cried twice on stage. We’re really growing up fast. Come see the show!” 

Speaking about how she has “spent £150 on crystals to put round the stage”, Lou told Tom that her favourites at the moment are rose quartz and turquoise, saying: “I’ve been stuffing them down my top, and then invariably, at some part of the day, they fall out and crack, and then I’m like, ‘Oh, another crystal’s cracked.’

“I’m not making my show sound very good! I’m making it sound terrible!” she laughed.

Lou added: “One woman, called Elaine, who kept heckling yesterday, she thought she was adding to the show, I had to really tell her off… She was putting the crystals back if they got knocked over… I said, ‘Elaine, you cannot touch another lady’s crystals. That’s just rule one."

She then joked: “The show is quite relatable. It doesn’t sound relatable at the moment!” 

Talking about what else she’s been up to since arriving in Edinburgh, Lou told Tom, “I’ve found a really good skatepark, so that’s quite good.

“A lot of middle-aged women have taken up rollerskating in the pandemic… mostly on the pavements, but I think that’s quite boring, so I like to do the skatepark stuff. But a lot of my friends are, as a result, quite a lot younger than me.

“Our music tastes are different. You know, I’m putting classical music on at the skatepark.”

As well as being a renowned stand-up whose previous Edinburgh shows have been lauded by critics and fans alike, Lou is also known for her appearance in series eight of Taskmaster, and presents Taskmaster: The People’s Podcast. She also co-hosts Dave’s Unforgivable with Mel Giedroyc. Of Unforgivable, Lou said: “It’s fun to do. We’ve just done series three, and the props round gets more and more ridiculous every time. 

“We just write stuff in that we want to do, and they let us do it. I don’t know how. We were in the writers’ room for this one, and we said we wanted to get a little horse, like a miniature horse in, and then they were just like ‘Yeah okay.’ So, one time we brought the props on with a miniature horse. The miniature horse did nothing. I led him round, he got offstage, and we thought, ‘Well, that was a waste of £2000!’ but, best day of my life, certainly.”

While we wait for the new series of Unforgivable to air (Lou told Tom “I don’t think I can say” when that will be), fans can catch her stand-up show, One Word: Wow, in Edinburgh this month. And the comic had some tips for anyone hoping to attend. She said: “If the shows are sold-out, because a lot of the dates are near to, or sold-out, you can still queue up and get in that way. Everyone’s got in that’s queued up.”

One Word: Wow is at The Monkey Barrel 3 (part of The Edinburgh Fringe) until Sunday 28th August. For tickets, visit tickets.edfringe.com.

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