Tom Bower on his new book about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry - 'It’s a fascinating story'

Virgin Radio

18 Jul 2022, 10:18

Tom Bower at Virgin Radio

Tom Bower joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about his new book Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors.

Out this Thursday (21st July) in hardback, the book is about Meghan and Harry and their relationship with the royal family. Tom told Chris: “I wrote, four years ago, a book about Prince Charles, and it was a story about how he had rehabilitated himself after Diana’s death, and how Camilla also had to be rehabilitated, and it was a number one, it was a fascinating story. 

“So when Meghan came along into the scene, I just thought, ‘This is fascinating. How is this going to play out?’”

Following Meghan’s huge Oprah Winfrey interview, Tom said that he “just had to understand, how did this woman operate? Who is this woman?” 

The writer continued: “And what's fascinating about Meghan is that she comes from, not a poor background, but a broken family, a troubled background. She might have disappeared, not least because she wasn’t a successful actress in Hollywood terms, but she set her sight on achieving something, she wanted to be famous.”

The book covers from Meghan’s letter calling out sexist advertising, to how she and Harry met and became a couple, to her early days of royalty. “It’s a fascinating story about a woman who literally fights to get the top and to be famous, and how she does it, the determination,” Tom explained. “And in her terms, Meghan is very successful. She is now a global icon amongst many many people, especially young people.

“No-one gets to be famous, as she is, whether as an actress, or as a royal, or as a politician, or a tycoon, which I’ve written about, without there being victims, without there being people hurt on the way. And my whole way of working is, find the victims. Find the people who are going to tell you the truth. Who does Meghan not want me to talk to, that’s who I’ve got to find and persuade to talk. And the result is this book.”

He added: “It’s a compelling tale of success, but also failure.”

As part of Tom’s research, he spoke to more than 80 sources close to Meghan and Harry, including insiders who have never spoken out before. “I sent off dozens and dozens of emails to her friends, and most of them didn’t even reply,” he said. 

When asked how he knows how he knows that what people are telling him is the truth, as opposed to their own agenda, he replied: “If you find the critics… they’ll have their own agenda, but my job then is to distil and to separate what can’t be proved and what is spleen, or flag up what is vitriol as opposed to fact.”

Responding to presenter Vassos’ comment that he must have very good lawyers, Tom said: “I do have very good lawyers, and more importantly, I make sure what I write is the truth.”

Tom has published 25 books on public figures of great influence, money and power, including a recent one about Boris Johnson. On this subject, when Chris asked him about the current hustings as part of the race to be leader of the Conservatives, he said: “It brings the truth out about people. And that’s why it’s very healthy. And those people who say, ‘We should just go straight to have a Prime Minister appointed’ are wrong, because these debates are really showing the strengths, and really the weaknesses too. And so, whoever does win, may be the best of the worst, but at least we know that they are the best of the worst.”

When Chris asked if the non-fiction writer has a novel in him, he replied: “No, there’s no novel. You can’t beat real life. You can’t beat the real story. That’s the real excitement of writing these sort of books, that in the end, nothing beats the truth, the real facts.”

He joked: “Some of my worst enemies, they say, ‘Meet Tom Bower, the greatest novelist in Britain.’”

Revenge: Meghan, Harry And The war between the Windsors is published this Thursday, 21st July.

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