Skin premieres new Skunk Anansie music and reveals what to expect from their 25th Anniversary tour

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9 Mar 2022, 10:59

Skin, lead singer of the 90s punk band Skunk Anansie, has premiered their latest single, ‘Can’t Take You Anywhere’, on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky this morning.

The single comes as part of a string of new music from the band since they released This Means War in 2020. They kicked things off in January with the first single Piggy and Can’t Take You Anywhere is set for official release next week.

Not only was it the first time fans got to hear the record, but it was also the first time Skin had heard it.

Speaking about ‘Can’t Take you Anywhere’, she joked it was a phrase she has wanted to say to people a lot.

Explaining the meaning of the song, she said: “I used to have this friend and she would always lose her phone, lose her wallet and snog somebody else’s boyfriend.

“And then, you know, especially nowadays, it's very difficult in some ways to voice a full opinion and be even vaguely controversial, because, you know, you can get shut down very quickly. So, it's a double-edged sword.”

As well as new music, Skunk Anansie will be resuming their 25th Anniversary tour, which they started in 2019 but had to cancel due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Skin told Chris she was so excited to get back to performing live and added that everything good that has happened to the band has come from them playing gigs.

She said: “Everyone’s just really happy. It’s been a hard thing for bands I think. We’re probably one the most unsupported part of the creative masses in this country when it came to lockdown.

“I think that some of the powers that be would love it if we just sat in front of our computers, but people love going out and being in the room when things happen.

“I think people have reconnected with that. It’s something special you have witnessed, and now you have the memory.”

Skin added: “The live gig is where it’s at for Skunk Anise. Getting signed, doing anything, it’s all from there. We came from the era of the great live rock band.”

When asked what fans could expect from the live show, the singer promised lots of theatrics, incredible outfits and, of course, exciting new music.

She concluded: “It’s going to be killer.”

If the new single is anything to go by, she is certainly right.

The 25th Anniversary tour begins on 25 March in Brixton with dates all over the country before coming to an end in Southampton on 26 June.

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