Malachi Kirby stars in Devils: "One of the most fun characters I've ever played in my career"

Virgin Radio

16 Feb 2021, 12:20

We all love a good series to bing-watch, and Sky Original has a great new show for you to get your teeth into: . It begins tomorrow and star of the show Malachi Kirby joined to tell Sam Pinkham all about it.

The BAFTA breakthrough actor stars as Oliver Harris in the high-stakes financial drama. Harris is a gifted student-turned-hacker, who somehow gets caught up in this fast-paced world.  

Sam asked Malachi what he thought about the script when he first saw it: “I fell in love with it. He is an amazing character to play, his arc is incredible. He's probably one of the most fun characters I've ever played in my career, to be honest. So I was immediately drawn to it.”

Sam laughs that Oliver I the only nice character in the show. “Oh gosh! Well he grows up on a council estate and he's had to become very streetwise to survive” explains Malachi. “What he realises is that his ability to read  people to survive is actually a bankable skill in the trading world.”

He soon realises he isn’t alone in this. “There is a particular character that we realised mirrors him. He’s already made it to the peak of success, but started in a very similar background to Oliver.”

Sam asked about the title Devils, and if everyone involved is on the devilish side. “I'm going to leave that for the audience to answer that! Personally, I think it's called Devils because basically what we do is we look at this world of banking and trading and we realise that not everything is what it seems."

He continues: "I think the title lends itself not to specific people involved in the show, but a system in place that is essentially evil and corrupt.”

Kirby has been making waves with his acting career, but Sam asked Malachi if he would give it all up to become a megabucks banker with a helicopter and all of the trappings. “No!” he says immediately.

“Before I did the show I probably would have said yes” he admits. “Oliver's like this bright young student who's eager to impress. Problem is he's eager to impress the wrong people, he knows they're rich, but what he doesn't know is they've got rich.”

“The power that they have in their hands at the click of a button to change people's lives. I think it's personally too much power for one man. So I wouldn't want that on my shoulders.” Bankers, your job is safe.

Devils starts tomorrow on Sky Atlantic at 2am and then 9pm.