Gaby Roslin on her podcast, A-list guests & what makes her laugh

Virgin Radio

12 Feb 2021, 14:53

The TV presenter and radio broadcaster joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky earlier to talk about having fun in the cupboard in her bedroom and her impressive celebrity podcast interviewees.

She told Sam Pinkham who was filling in for Chris the idea behind the podcast: “Everybody kept saying to me, why don't you do a podcast? And then lockdown happened so I thought maybe we shouldn't because lots of people were releasing them and then I just sent out a few emails and a few texts and honestly I wish I’d filmed it because the first two that replied that day were Dame Judi Dench and Robbie Williams. I screamed to my husband 'I think I have to do it…!'

“I feel really strongly about the fact that I wanted everybody to tell me what makes them laugh because no other podcast actually just asks that so it's about positivity and joy and it's about their lives, but also it's about what makes you laugh.

“We had Rob Brydon - we’ve got Russell T. Davis and the longest interview that he's done talking about It's A Sin and Queer As Folk and Doctor Who... and we’ve had Sir Michael Palin.

“David Tennant and his daughter Georgia came on together. I have to say when they said yes I was running around the house - I am like a child, I've always been very childlike, I'm very excitable - so when they did reply I literally couldn't believe it. I still get terribly excited about it, I really do. 

“I don't want anybody to feel alienated, I want them to feel that they're sitting in the room with us and laughing and laughing, and learning more about the person and just enjoying it and being able to escape because there's some really horrible things going on.

"We don't deny what's going on but we just talk about everything else and then it's lovely the way people want to talk to me and share things with me. We've got a really super unbelievable special coming up in a few weeks that I can't say because nobody else has done it. So we can't quite believe it.

“I have laughed more in my bedroom than ever - that sounds really bad - because I record it in my husband's wardrobe. I sit in the wardrobe and hang duvets and things over me. I giggled so much with Robbie Williams and I completely lost it over people falling down manholes.

"That's my sense of humour - somebody falling down the manhole, so long as they're not hurt I completely lose it.”

That Gaby Roslin Podcast is out now