Matt Tebbutt and Olly Smith on their Valentine's Day Big Lockdown Love Inn

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4 Feb 2021, 10:17

The Saturday Kitchen duo joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about getting sozzled during their live Valentine’s Day show - and inviting us all there too.

Presenter and chef Matt joked about filming a show pre pandemic: “In the good times we used to go to the pub and sit there, drink too much and self congratulate because obviously we were amazing.

“Then we just said that this reem of nonsense that comes out, wouldn't it be a lovely thing to share this and maybe people would actually want to know what goes on after the show, so it was kind of born out of that.”

Wine expert Olly added: “I think this year Valentine's Day is going to be very different for all of us and we just wanted to do something that would spread a little bit of joy and some fantastic recipes.

“Jean-Claude Mas will be there, we will have some gorgeous flavours but ultimately it’ll be a live show with lots of banter and a few special guests.

“I think we might have a comedian and there's rumours we might even have a spaceman, I'm not going to reveal which one…”

Of the event, they said: “It’s a gentle sip along that will lead to no doubt some audience interaction. I'm actually going to have a phone that people can text me questions to, so I'm intrigued to see what people are asking Matt, whether they come out with some interesting comments but it's all about sharing it with the audience and getting them involved as well.”

Olly continued: “Like anything in life, it's just tuning into and listening to what people actually want and if you can make it entertaining as well I'm all up for that because a glass of wine brings us closer together, brings the good times and it is the same shared experience - that's what I absolutely love about it.”

Matt rounded it up: “There are two idiots talking nonsense, drinking a bit of wine and then the more we drink, the looser the lips become and then who knows what's going to come out so we're not deliberately scripting it to just see where it goes.”

Matt and Olly’s Big Lockdown Love Inn on Valentine's Day Sunday 14th at 7pm.

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