Russell Kane reveals why he doesn’t want to do Strictly even though he 'adores' dancing

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27 Jun 2024, 11:02

Russell Kane at Virgin Radio, and some Strictly dancers perform a routine

Credit: Virgin Radio / BBC

Russell Kane has told Chris Evans why he isn’t keen on taking to the Strictly dance floor.

Ahead of continuing his HyperActive stand-up tour in September, the comedian joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with webuyanycar today (27th June) for a wide-ranging chat.

Speaking about his upbringing, Russell said: “Stand-up comedy was never on the cards for me. I'm not a theatre school [kid]. I grew up in a council estate. My postcode, no-one does anything. It's tiling, roofing, prison, electronic tag, community service, ‘They're your options, boy, what do you want to do?’



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“My dad's a manual labourer, shaven-headed, triple ripple of meat, bouncer, steroid-taking, you know, meat-eating Nutter, and he's got me like copying dances off the telly… He didn't know what to do with me.”

Despite telling Chris, “I probably would have done something with dance. I absolutely adore dancing,” Russell, of course, eventually went into comedy. “I love stand-up, and I love performing stand-up,” he said. “I want to do more films. I'm shooting a small part in a British movie this summer. It's something I would like to explore, but my daughter's eight, and as a stand-up, you miss so much anyway. And the idea of, ‘Oh, it's going to be six months and you'll be with Matt Damon’, it doesn't go to my ego. All I think is, ‘I'll miss my babies, I'll miss my missus. I'll miss my stand-up.’" 

And this is one of the reasons that, in spite of his skills on the dance floor, appearing on Strictly isn’t for him. “I've got nothing against Strictly Come Dancing, and I love dancing. But would I do 12 weeks away from my daughter while she's this age? The answer is no. And I love dancing. I love it, and I love being on telly,” he said.

“There's been initial conversations, which I don't take any further, because I don't really want to be grinding on a random Venezuelan lady for 12 weeks, while my wife and daughter are at home.”

Regarding if he sees himself appearing on the likes of Strictly or I’m A Celeb at any time in the future, the comedy star added: “I'm not a snob, and I'll never say never. I don't want to sound like I’m showing off. The diary is a little bit busy.”

Indeed, Russell’s Hyperactive Tour kicked off in February this year and he has played 34 dates so far, with another 73 to go. “I don't do arenas just purely because it doesn't suit my style. Again, it's nothing snobby. I just like it to be able to hit the back row with my eyes without a monitor,” he explained.

“I like the rooms where I'm on a flat floor, the front row is at my level, and it goes up, raked seating in a semicircle. Then it's not about, ‘Is the bit about your Nan the best, or the bit about Brexit the funniest?’ It's about your relation to these people."

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Russell will also be at CarFest on the Starfest Stage this year.

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