Sandwich star Max Halley shares handy hack to freshen up stale bread

Virgin Radio

23 May 2024, 11:27

Max Halley talks to Chris Evans at Virgin Radio.

Credit: Virgin Radio

Sandwich connoisseur, Max Halley has shared some amazing tips for upping your sandwich game.

Joining the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with webuyanycar following the release of his third book, Max’s World Of Sandwiches, he said: What I really wanted to do was to kind of sneak a serious cookbook on people, because I think it's a quite a serious cookbook masquerading as a silly book about sandwiches. And actually there's hundreds of recipes in it. There's 41 sandwiches and then hundreds of other recipes for things to do. Because my hope is that the sandwiches in the first half of the book, as well as being kind of a list of things to do, traditional recipes, they’re also just to provide inspiration for people to think, ‘Oh my God, there must be so many things that actually people can put in sandwiches that they never thought to do.'”

Max owns one of the famous Max’s Sandwich Shop which is in Finsbury Park, North London. Written with Ben Benton, his new book shares recipes and sarnie secrets; from simple ideas to things you’ll need a day off to prepare.



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Speaking about the key component of a sandwich, Max said: “Obviously bread is a huge part of sandwiches and I think choosing the right bread for the right sarnie is a big part of making good sarnies.”

On the subject, he shared an amazing hack to give life to your stale loaf. “Obviously, bread goes off quite quickly,” he said. “At home, when you have stale bread, or like rolls or buns or something, what you do is get your oven hot and put a baking tray with some grease-proof paper in, and run the bread roll under the tap.

"It seems a bit weird. But then you put the wet bread into the hot oven and give it about five minutes. And when you take it out again, it will be as fresh as the moment it was baked."

Saying, “it works with all breads, really,” he added: “It’s like a miracle. Bread is kind of a miracle anyway.”

The sandwich superstar brought in a few of his creations for the team to try, including Ham, Egg ‘n’ Chips Sandwich, The Lasagna Sandwich and two vegetarian sandwiches. He said: “I made this bread this morning at about six o'clock. We make all the bread at the sandwich shop, and we only make this which is focaccia. Because what you want with sandwiches with very juicy fillings is crust everywhere. Because then you can put more juicy things in, you can have a more liberal attitude to mayonnaise without the thing falling apart.”

Sharing some more hacks, he spoke about smacked cucumber. “You lie a cucumber on your chopping board or something and literally whack it, Whack, whack, whack it with the handle of a knife or something. You hit it until the cucumber cracks, and it kind of shatters the bit where the seeds are, so that when you then dress them, the cucumber kind of soaks up much more of the dressing than it would do if you just cut the cucumber into chunks. It allows the cucumber to soak up sauce. It's one of those things which is actually worth it.”

And if you fancy an egg in your sarnie, how about this? “To slow fry an egg is something people don't do, where you crack an egg into the pan cold and very, very, very slowly heat it up. And what you end up with is like that beautiful, really firm white, more like a boiled egg. But still with a runny yolk. And for me, that is delicious,” he enthused.

Having brought in a lasagna sandwich, Max told Chris: “I love a Breville. Cut open across on, put a slab of lasagne in it, and put it in your Breville. I've done it with dauphinoise potatoes. So naughty.”

And a hot cross bun with salted caramel ice cream? Erm, excuse us? “Absolute banger,” Max said. “You hollow out a hot cross bun, fill it up with salted caramel ice cream. And also you bake a hot cross bun and blitz it up into crumbs and put that inside. That is a wonderful sandwich.

“And how nice that sandwiches can be your putting as well as your savoury food.”

Max’s World Of Sandwiches is out now.

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