Kirsty Gallagher explains why tomorrow is the LUCKIEST day of the year

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17 May 2024, 08:40

Chris Evans talks to Kirsty Gallagher.

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Soul and moon mentor, spiritual coach and Sunday Times bestselling author Kirsty Gallagher has explained why tomorrow (Saturday 18th May) is the luckiest day of the year, thanks to something called Jupiter Cazimi.

Joining the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with webuyanycar, Kirsty said: “Tomorrow is what’s called the Jupiter Cazimi. The word Cazimi means ‘into the heart of the sun’ and so it’s when the planets meet the sun. And when this happens, the sun kind of magnifies the energy of that planet and beams it down to us.

“Now, Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance, good luck, good fortune, and so it’s known as the luckiest day of 2024. It’s also known as the day of miracles, because Jupiter is that planet of miracles. So, this happens once a year, and it opens up a whole new year-long growth cycle that we can really move into. So what we need to do tomorrow on this luckiest day of the year, is plant a miracle seed.”



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Kirsty, who was last on the show in March to talk about her fifth book, The Goddess Path, continued: “Jupiter makes anything feel possible. So if you were to really feel into hope and optimism and opportunities and what could be possible for you, and what would you love to grow in your life over the next year, if anything were possible, tomorrow you plant that miracle seed, so it can grow in your life over the next year.

Regarding what sort of things we can hope for, Kirsty said: “Wherever you would love to find something more expansive  in your life, it might be moving into a new career, it might be trying something new, it might be learning something new. Jupiter as well is all about knowledge and learning new things. You might decide to study something new, learn something new, and focus on a new career goal that you want to move into. You might have a dream to move somewhere different, that you can plant the seed for tomorrow, and then help it to come to life over the next year. But it's also, tomorrow, a really beautiful day for manifesting love, because we've actually got what's called a quadruple conjunction tomorrow. 

“This opens up the opportunities and possibilities for big love to come into our lives. So it might be that you plant the seed of love tomorrow, what it is that you want in your love life.”

When Chris asked whether there could be a reason why plenty of people have had a bit of a rough week, ahead of the Jupiter Cazimi, the moon expert told him: “We've got a lot of what's called solar flares at the moment. We've got a lot of solar activity coming from the sun. And so whenever we get things like solar flares, it can cause us to feel a little bit exhausted, depleted, a little bit like our energy’s here there and everywhere and like we can't really find firm footing, so I know a lot of people are feeling that at the moment, this kind of big solar energy.

However, fear not because Kirsty explained that the Jupiter Cazimi tomorrow “is going to help us to move into something new.”

She added: “So for those people who've had a rough week this week, I'd say really have a little feeling to what's been rough about it, what's not been going your way and then tomorrow plant the seeds of what you would like to begin to happen in your life so we can start to turn it around and bring some luck and optimism in.”

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