Robin Sharma explains the wealth money can’t buy and how we can live 'our richest life'

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29 Apr 2024, 11:20

Robin Sharma talks to Chris Evans at Virgin Radio

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Canadian writer Robin Sharma joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with webuyanycar to turn the pages on his new book, The Wealth Money Can’t Buy: The 8 Hidden Habits to Live Your Richest Life.

Out now, the book aims to rewire our perception of wealth to include not just financial success, but seven other essential forms of wealth. Robin told Chris: “I've been mentoring billionaires and sports superstars and entertainment royalty for about 15 years. And a lot of these people, especially the tycoons, they are cash rich, but they’re life poor. So I've been teaching this model that I talk about in the book, the eight forms of wealth, to try to help them not only scale their fortunes, but live with more peace... I help them get healthier, I help them renew their family lives, bring more adventure and basically live a much richer life in the truest way.”

He continued: “It was working so well with them, helping them live these great lives, that I said, ‘Do you know what, I want to share this eight forms of wealth model with everyone,’ because the reality is, our society has almost hypnotised us, and told us that if we make a lot of money, or hustle and grind towards a lot of things, we're going to be happy. 

“It's only when we live and feed all eight forms of wealth, I think we truly live our richest life.”

The eight essential forms of wealth are growth, wellness, family, craft, money, community, adventure and service. Talking to Chris about some of the ways we can find a path towards a rich and abundant life, he said: “The time from five to 6am is the magic hour. We live in the age of dramatic distraction. People are, in so many ways, cyber zombies and they're checked out. And so from five to six is a time to do the work. It's the time to work on your mindset. It's time to commune with the great masters through literature. It's time to paint What's better than a morning workout?

“So the way you start your day dramatically sets the tone for the day.” 

He told Chris: “As simple as it sounds, I get up and I just say, ‘This is going to be a great day.’ Then when I take a shower, I do a shower meditation. And when the water is washing over me I actually have the intention that any residue, any resentment, any insecurity, any fear is washing out of me, and it's kind of a little ritual to let go of yesterday's negativity, if there is any.”

He continued: “One of the chapters towards the end of The Wealth Money Can’t Buy is Have a Living Funeral. And another chapter is Eat Your Last Supper Today. 

“If each day we can take a minute and check in with the shortness of life and our mortality, I think we would live to the point. 

“If you can remember what needs to be said by your loved ones, and those who matter at the end, then you can use today as a platform for moving towards your mountaintop.” 

He added: “I tried to cover all of the forms of wealth. I tried to provide a manual that would really serve people. The seventh out of the eight forms of wealth in The Wealth Money Can’t Buy is adventure. We were born into genius, and then we get resigned into mediocrity.”

However, the author explained that it’s not just a case of being taught “rituals” and “tools”. He said: “Methodology without philosophy is an empty victory. You can have all the tactics and morning routines and pre-sleep rituals in the world. But you might be climbing the wrong mountain. So philosophy and actually doing a radical act in this noisy world of thinking, thinking in silence, whether it's getting up early, or staying up late or going for a nature walk and thinking about what's most important so you live on point versus reactive.”

He added: “There is a form of wealth called family and good friends. And it's worth more than all the gold in the world.”

The Wealth Money Can’t Buy is out now. For more information

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