Harry Judd reveals what he took most from being on Celebrity Race Across The World with his mum

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25 Apr 2024, 12:56

Credit: Virgin Radio / BBC

McFly’s Harry Judd spoke all about embarking on a new trek for charity when he joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with webuyanycar today (25th April), and he also reminisced about his time on Celebrity Race Across The World

The musician is taking on a five-day trek in the Brecon Beacons in support of breast cancer charity CoppaFeel!, and Harry said it was going to be “an epic challenge.”

Speaking of epic challenges, the drummer also chatted with Chris about having taken on Celebrity Race Across The World with his mum, Emma. He appeared on the hit BBC show last year, finishing runner-up to Good Morning Britain host Alex Beresford and his dad Noel. 

Describing it as “a lot of fun” but “really hard”, he told Chris: “I was away for 31 days and that was the celebrity version, on the normal show they do eight weeks, and I mean, god, by the time I'd done four weeks I was so desperate to get home! But it's totally genuine, they don't help you. We got dropped off in Marrakesh, me and my mum, no phones, just cash and a map, and off we went.”

He continued: “It was very exposing. First off, we went to stay with his family in Marrakesh in the mountains. It was me and my mum, we were sleeping on these concrete sort of sofa things, and my mum is an amazing woman, but it was a shock for her. There was a hole in the floor for the loo, these two boys are watching her get dressed because they’d never met English people before. 

“I mean, it was obviously amazing to experience these cultures, but just a real shock.”

When it came to what he got most from being on the series, Harry explained: “I think the thing I took from it the most was just the time spent with my mum. Obviously it was incredible to go around Europe and see all these beautiful cities, but to have that amount of time with my mum at that age… and also for her, it was really cathartic, because I left home when I was 17. I was the youngest of three. She found it really difficult when I suddenly left home. In a matter of weeks I'd left home and school to join a band, when she thought she'd have me for a couple more years, and then suddenly, you know, 20 years on, I was with her for a whole month uninterrupted, no grandchildren, no one to compete with.

“Actually, one of the best parts was just being on train journeys and bus journeys. And we would just talk about her life, about my life. She bought this cross stitching, tapestry along, and I thought, ‘Mum, why have you bought that?’ but it was the best thing you could have bought, because it's so therapeutic, it passed the time. So we would sit there, on the train, stitching, chatting. It was amazing.”

He added: “One of the coolest things was then, watching it when it came out, the love for my mum. People just loved my mum because she's an incredible woman.

“She's now been inspired herself. She's been travelling since, she's gone out to India on her own, she's in Australia at the moment, she's booked a trip to Uzbekistan. It's been life-changing for her.”

Read all about how Harry is leading over 100 supporters undertaking over 100km in the Brecon Beacons, alongside actress, author and CoppaFeel! patron Giovanna Fletcher here.

Coppafeel! Presents Coppatrek! begins Saturday 8th June. For information and to donate visit coppatrek-brecon-beacons.coppafeel.org.

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